Transport and logistics messaging trends 2024

By analyzing over 473 billion mobile channel interactions between businesses and their customers in in 2023 we have been able to identify the latest messaging trends shaping the transport and logistics industry.

Mobile channel growth continues

Driven by a trend towards a more conversational style of communication, mobile messaging in the transport and logistics increased by a significant 37% in 2023.

We are seeing businesses making themselves available throughout the shipping journey on the channels that their customers use. A person can now get shipping quotes, track shipments, and even schedule deliveries all within a single chat thread on their favorite app.

Transport and logistics channel trends


increase in the use of AI chatbots


increase in conversational support channels


more conversational marketing interactions

The top channel combinations in the transport and logistics industry

SMS remains the linchpin channel for businesses using multiple channels to ensure that key messages are delivered, but businesses are making greater use of chat apps that are popular in each region.


SMS + WhatsApp


SMS + Voice


SMS + Viber

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