Healthcare messaging trends 2024

By analyzing the 473 billion mobile messaging interactions that took place on our platform in 2023 and reviewing the projects that we undertook in partnership with leading healthcare organizations, we have been able to track several notable trends.

Enhancing the work of healthcare professionals  

Communicating with patients isn’t the same as dealing with customers of a commercial business.

Where personalized communication with customers will result in closer and more profitable relationships, for patients it can literally be a life saver.

Download this report to find out how healthcare providers are optimizing their patient communications to achieve better outcomes. By adopting the channels that people use and trust, and utilizing AI in a practical and ethical manner, patients get a personalized and immediate service that enhances their treatment plans.

Healthcare communication trends


increase in WhatsApp messages for patient support 


increase in the use of Google Business Messages 


more email messages for marketing and promotional use cases

AI algorithms for virtual assistants and chatbots need to be developed and trained with ethical considerations in mind. They should be unbiased, inclusive, and avoid perpetuating stereotypes or discrimination, and it’s critical they are tested to operate in this manner before being used for patient engagement.

Ivan Ostojić

Chief Business Officer, Infobip

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