Telco messaging trends 2024

By analyzing the 473 billion mobile messaging interactions that took place on our platform in 2023 we have been able to track how telcos are embracing new conversational channels, using gen-AI to help improve customer service, and are diversifying their service offerings through collaborations with cloud communication providers.

The telco market is evolving  

The telecoms industry is in a transformative phase, with both customer engagement and service delivery being redefined by the combination of more sophisticated and useful AI, the widespread availability of 5G, and changing consumer preferences.

As an industry that is based on connecting people, telcos have always been quick to adopt new communication technologies and adapt their services to meet the changing expectations of customers.

Download this report to find out how our Telco customers are making effective use of digital messaging channels and adopting AI to drive revenue growth, improve network optimization, and diversify their product offerings.

Conversational support is going digital


increase in the use of WhatsApp


more support messages on Instagram


more customer service interactions on Facebook

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