Retail and eCommerce messaging trends 2024

Analyzing the 473 billion mobile messaging interactions that took place on our platform in 2023 shows how retail and eCommerce brands are now matching channels with use cases and blurring the line between marketing, sales, and service by supporting customers on their entire journey in a single channel.

The chat app eCommerce journey   

In such a diverse and quickly evolving industry, agile and creative young brands can challenge established players by engaging with customers in fresh and dynamic ways. Some of the trends that we are seeing include:

  • Using click-to-chat ads to start conversational interactions and front-load the sales funnel.
  • Enabling end-to-end chat app customer journeys from discovery to purchase and beyond.
  • Adopting virtual sales assistants to provide personalized support 24/7.
  • Enhancing the last-mile delivery experience, for example in-app delivery tracking and even deliveries by drone.

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Matching the ideal channel to every use case


increase in WhatsApp messages for customer service 


increase in SMS messages for promotional and marketing use cases


increase in AI-generated messages on Facebook

The rise and rise of RCS

Apple announced in November 2023 that it would start supporting RCS on its devices in 2024. However, we were already seeing a significant uptick in RCS traffic as retail and eCommerce brands led the way by extending their use of the channel. With its media sharing capability and suitability for conversational interactions, it is well suited to help retail businesses explore dynamic new ways of connecting with consumers.

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