Securing mobile communications in a digital world

Deep dive into our telco fraud and security infobrief by IDC and Infobip. Discover the role of SMS in an omnichannel communication strategy, emerging threats to the mobile ecosystem, and what stakeholders need to do to prevent A2P messaging fraud.

People’s need to be ‘always on’ is driving CPaaS adoption

With the number of mobile online users worldwide growing from 4.8 billion in 2022 to a projected 6.1 billion by 2026 there is a trend for businesses to adopt CPaaS in order to make their business communication omnichannel, interactive, and engaging for an ever more demanding market.


of businesses polled already use CPaaS.


of businesses intend to adopt CPaaS within the next two years.


plan to adopt CPaaS on a longer timescale.

However, security threats are on the rise

With increased mobile usage (including SMS/MMS messaging) and ever-increasing online traffic, there is an accelerated increase in security threats. Increasingly, significant data breaches are taking place at many firms across the globe. Attackers can target data in companies’ processing, storage, and other systems via the network directly or via users that are not aware of the malware they are about to import and which allows attackers to gain access to all business data.

MNOs need to act to secure mobile messaging channels as breaches can negatively impact enterprise customers and end consumers. Keeping SMS secure is a key requirement as it is the most widely adopted communications channel.

Securing SMS can become a strategic differentiator for MNOs and enterprises

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