Optimizing martech platforms with CPaaS

Discover how CPaaS can help martech platforms scale, drive efficiency and grow revenue.

As an IT leader in martech, you face unprecedented challenges to continuously deliver value and accelerate growth, despite the market situation. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to not only keep up with emerging trends but also adapt to the changes in the market. Investing in CPaaS technologies is a strategic way to achieve this.

This eBook offers a deep dive into the benefits of CPaaS technologies for martech platform companies. It covers:

  • The trends shaping the martech industry
  • Key action investments for martech platforms
  • The perfect match between CPaaS and martech platforms
  • Insights on unlocking the value of CPaaS with the right provider
  • Unlocking business growth with a new CPaaS API stack
  • Ways Infobip can drive revenue, scale, and efficiency

Why is CPaaS crucial for martech success?

As a marketing and sales leader within a business it’s your responsibility to invest smartly in the right martech platforms to grow or risk losing market share.

According to Gartner’s 2023 Global Software Buying Trends report 68% of businesses are replacing software more frequently since 2021.


of businesses replace software more frequently 

So, as a martech platform what can you do to prevent being replaced?

A strategic CPaaS provider offers a variety of tools and APIs that allow businesses like yours to build and customize their communication workflows according to their specific needs. By investing in CPaaS, martech platform companies can optimize their operations, scale their solutions, and pioneer new forms of engagement with their customers.

Download the eBook now and learn how CPaaS technologies can help your martech platform company improve revenue outcomes, transform business models, modernize technology, and enhance customer experience by continuously delivering value and accelerating growth.

Platforms looking to gain a competitive advantage have been searching for ways to expand their core offerings – wanting to grow and move to new markets to meet client demand. Whether a platform is enabling businesses to help customers market, shop, or bank, businesses need to communicate with customers in an equally efficient way.