Dropbox breach and online security: 2FA seems like the most promising solution

Infobip CEO Silvio Kutic joins the recent security debate spurred by the Dropbox breach.

October 16 2014

Experts agree - username and password combination is no longer enough to protect our online accounts security. Following the recent Dropbox credentials breach, Information Security Buzz and Professional Security Magazine Online asked opinions from security specialists, including Kaspersky Lab, SafeNet, Infobip, Intercede, Tripwire and Accellion.

Infobip joined the debate, providing a unique insight on SMS-based 2FA, which allows online businesses to introduce one-time PINs and protect their users in a more efficient way.

With over 5 billion mobile phones in use, turning a phone into an additional layer of protection with SMS 2 factor authentication is rather easy for enterprises. The fact that almost everyone has a mobile phone eliminates the need for introducing additional hardware to provide OTPs, which are delivered in SMS messages. The user flow is very simple, and it’s a quicker and more convenient  solution to be set up and maintained across many networks.