Crossing SMS language barriers

Go easy on your business budget and stay true to your language with our National Language Identifier.

June 12 2014

In your SMS business usage, you might have noticed that if your text contains characters specific to your country’s alphabet, your SMS character count drops to just 70. Your business has the option of creating & sending long messages but you don’t really like the cost of doing so, do you?

On one hand you want to stay true to the nature of your language and on the other, you want to go easy on your wallet. Which option do you choose? It may be a tough decision but fortunately, from now on, it is a decision you won’t have to make.

National Language Identifier is an encoding technology which allows an SMS containing language specific characters usually treated as 16bit Unicode to be delivered as original text, while only deducting 5 characters from the maximum SMS length – 155 characters allowed.

We’re happy to announce that we have implemented this technology within our platform and that we offer this service in Portuguese and Spanish.

Stay true to your language, stay true to your budget – all at once.