From drones to e-books: Plenty going on at “Nothing Will Happen”

Plenty of exciting technologies and solutions at the curiously named "Nothing Will Happen" anti-conference.

August 28 2014

Tech community never lacked ideas which made their gatherings original. Such was the recently held, curiously named "Nothing Will Happen" anti-conference, certainly the most prominent event based on fusing Internet technologies and the social aspect of technology adoption.

As always, eager to share their experience and tech knowhow, but also reaching out for some fresh ideas, our networking team was delighted to take part. From discussing issues like open source usage to flying drones on remote control, this internationally recognised gathering of geeks and hackers attracted several dozens of regional IT experts. Esteemed guests included the creators of the Open Media Library Sebastian Luetgert and Jan Gerber from Berlin, Marcell Mars from Zagreb and Spideralex from Barcelona.

Technology ranging from hardware (JTAG-a, switchsmart), security (openmirage) and development (pandas in ipython, J language) was in the mix, but the real star of the conference was the remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) watching over the participants with its bird’s eye view. Attention-grabbing lectures such as “How to find jtag” about the repurposing of hardware were followed by equally thrilling Luetgert and Gerber’s Open Media Library project – a P2P software for managing e-book collections.

However, the value behind “Nothing Will Happen” goes beyond technology by providing a unique outlook on visitor participation. With no predefined schedule, the anti-conference puts a spotlight on geek culture, offering chances for spontaneous organic lecture and workshop involvement. By being free from the confines of traditional conference participation, the NWH visitors adopted a more proactive approach, contributing their ideas on the spot.

With that kind of effect, it’s no wonder that the concept is getting firmly embraced by many young tech enthusiasts and is quickly growing traction around the world. In any case, we loved it.