Wargaming ¥Coins packages - Let the battles begin!

Wargaming's special offer just for ¥Coins users! Buy exclusive Wargaming packages with ¥Coins and get free extra stuff.

October 24 2014

Buy exclusive Wargaming packages with ¥Coins and get free extra stuff! Two special packages are available: The first one includes 4500 Gold and 320,000 Credits extra for $20.16, while the second includes 11600 Gold with 160,000 Credits and 30 days of Premium account extra for just $50.41*.

Wargaming is one of the world’s most popular MMO gaming developers and publishers, supporting over 100 million players worldwide. Their global success World of Tanks is the first ever team-based MMO shooter with gameplay that requires exceptional tactics, team work and developed strategic skills.

With over three hundred real-life modeled WWII era tanks to choose from and up to sixty players per battle (depending on chosen battle to fight in), WoT offers conflicts of epic proportions! Log in, join a clan, and fight in one of the world largest battlefields!

*Prices are listed after discount with taxes included. Wargaming has fixed amounts in USD which is converted into local currencies, depending on the date (according to So even during the event the price in yens can change.