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If you use mobile messaging to communicate with customers and employees in the US, here’s some important news. You can now send and receive MMS messages via 10DLC – the carrier-approved US business messaging route.

What you should know about 10DLC

You can think of A2P 10DLC (10-digit long code) as both a phone number and a route or system that has been designed for business messaging.

Long codes were designed for person-to-person (P2P) communications. They have low volume throughput and lack desirable security standards. Carriers have always considered them to be an unsanctioned messaging route so they’re looking to end their use.

Every organization that uses automated mobile messaging to connect with employees or customers in the US should be using 10DLC.

Benefits of 10DLC

Your business needs to own a registered number to start business communications- find out why you should chose 10DLC.

Lower costs

10DLC numbers run at a much lower cost than short codes in the US.

High throughput

With a healthy throughput via 10DLC, your messages are sure to be delivered.

Fast setup

Be up and running in minutes with a 10DLC number from Infobip.

10DLC for MMS via Infobip

With our 10DLC service you can view your entire inventory of originators (short codes, long codes, alphanumeric) – as well as provision and configure your 10DLC numbers.

Our Numbers and Short Codes solution lets you do everything you need to send and receive messages via 10DLC. This includes:

  • Search for and purchase multiple 10DLC numbers
  • Migrate your existing long codes
  • Register brand, campaign and use-case information
  • File a campaign brief with the US carriers that ask for it
  • Obtain a trust score to increase throughput of your campaigns
  • View status of campaigns and which 10DLCs are assigned to them
  • View a summary of your owned 10DLCs (and all other originators)