MMS Messaging - deliver messaging experiences with images and video


What is MMS marketing? 

MMS can help you bring more engaging marketing campaigns to life. With rich media and reliable delivery, you can get better visibility of your marketing efforts and increase campaign engagement.

What is MMS?

Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard form of messaging available on all mobile phones. While SMS is text-only, MMS lets you send different kinds of media along with text. Instead of a plain message, you can include imagessounds and videos.

This allows you to create a fully customized, rich message specifically tailored to your communication needs. You can even choose different fonts and change the color of the text in order to emphasize certain words and improve engagement. 

What are the benefits of MMS marketing?

Since MMS is sent directly to your customer’s phone without the need for them to download an app, you can be certain that your marketing message will reach its intended destination. This leads to some great benefits for your business.

Improve open rates 

MMS boasts of up to a 98% open rate. In comparison, the average open rate of an email is around 20%. This remarkable difference means you can rest assured that the messages you invest time and effort into crafting are actually seen.  

Reach unparalleled click-through rates (CTR) 

The CTR of MMS is 15% on average which greatly increases conversion rates. In comparison, a CTR of 5% is considered great for an email campaign, while a CTR of around 3% is usually expected from search ads. 

Boost visibility for campaigns 

90% of all MMS marketing messages are read within 3 minutes. This means you can send out limited time discounts, temporary coupon codes and other time-sensitive offers knowing that the customer will see it before the offer expires. 

Enrich customer engagement 

In comparison to a typical text message, MMS delivers 300% more engagement than SMS. This is due to the rich messaging features which capture attention faster than text-only. Using MMS increases the likelihood of people engaging with the content, rather than just skimming through it quickly.