Conversations Update: Automation, Statuses, and New Available Channels

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

We recently announced the official launch of our digital cloud contact center solution, Conversations, which is now available for general access. With this launch, we added new features and channels that aim to help businesses reach more customers and improve customer support results – and have outlined how to use them to achieve your overall contact center goals.

Boost productivity and efficiency for your contact center

Improved analytics and reporting

Analytics is found as one of the key enablers and drivers of remote work, or “work from home.” Due to new circumstances caused by the current global situation, managers can no longer supervise agents’ work in person, and the only way to understand and track their performance is through Analytics. With the recent update, we redesigned the Analytics dashboard and enriched reporting capabilities, bringing you even better insights into agent utilization and performance, as well as tags, queues, and channels overview.

Customizable agent statuses according to your business needs

Gain better business flexibility and agility using the new extended Agent statuses feature, especially when enabling remote work. Managers can use this feature to track agent statuses, changes, performance according to their status, and how they spent their time.

It can make a big impact on the productivity and efficiency of your contact center – from improving team communication, simplifying routing, and directing calls and messages to agents whose status is set to “available” to help managers optimize KPIs.

Automate customer support

Message read and delivered statuses

If enabled by the customer, agents will be able to see if messages exchanged via Live Chat and chat apps are delivered and seen by the customer. Using message statuses gives agents insight into where, when, and why a conversation may be stalled and can have a big impact on how they interact with customers.

Automatic away messages

Automatic Away messages help managers set up a contact center’s off-hours auto-reply messages for a specific period. These ensure customers that they will be further assisted by an agent during working hours, when agents and managers access all conversations created during off-hour periods.

To always be there for your customers, even outside of working hours, set up a chatbot over their favorite communication channels to send automatic replies.

24/7 support with a chatbot

Last week, we also introduced our chatbot building platform – Answers.

Answers enables businesses to create simple rule-based (keyword) and intent-based (AI conversational) chatbots that send automatic responses to questions and seamlessly transfer customers to live agents while retaining full conversation context. Using a chatbot as a part of your contact center will help you provide always-on support while improving customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Biometry Authentication ALPHA

The safest way of identifying and authenticating customers in a reliable and fast way is by using unique biological characteristics – in other words, face and voice recognition.

Biometrics lead to an improved customer experience by enabling faster authentication and lower operational costs for businesses.

New channels supported

In addition to new features, we’ve added five new channels to help you offer more support from a single interface.

Live Chat

Today, customers are more likely to engage with a business when visiting their website. That’s why we’ve added Live Chat as an integral part of Conversations – to enable real-time support directly on your website or through your mobile app. Live chat is easy to configure and set up – and is sure to resonate with your customers.

Phone Calls (Voice)

Let your customers reach you by dialing your customer support phone number from mobile or landline phones. Agents can answer calls directly from the Conversations web interface, which enables them to provide faster support and work remotely.

Web and In-app calls (WebRTC)

With real-time enabled Audio and Video (Early Access ) calls, your customers can reach out to you directly from mobile applications and websites in a single click, which provides an uninterrupted customer experience.


LINE is one of the most popular chat apps in key markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand. We’ve added LINE to the Conversations channel portfolio so you can provide support on your customers’ preferred channels.


RCS (Rich Communication Services) enables you to interact with customers using media-rich messages that include images, videos, GIFS, and more, over an app that comes native on their phone.

Find out more about these new features and improvements in the official Release Note.

May 12th, 2020
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead