New WhatsApp Message Types for Increasing Response and Conversion Rates

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Making decisions isn’t always easy. But having a set of clearly listed options can make the decision-making process easier. To help your business increase response and conversion rates, WhatsApp recently released new message types that enable customers to reply in seconds.

List messages and reply buttons vs text-only messages

Text-only messages can be lengthy and confusing. List messages and reply buttons on WhatsApp are an easy and interactive way to help customers choose the next step on their journey. These types of messages also ensure your agents or chatbot receive the specific responses they need to further guide customers.

The best part? Interactive messaging options make it easy for customers to respond to messages in a timely manner while increasing customer engagement and conversions.

Key benefits of using list messages and reply buttons on WhatsApp include:

  • Increased communication efficiency – Make it easy for customers to quickly choose options suited for their needs when speaking with your chatbot or agents
  • Better business results – Experience significantly higher response and conversion rates compared to text-only messages
  • Unique journeys and experiences – Deliver a superior customer experience by combining list messages and interactive reply buttons within the same conversation
  • No template registration needed – Populate WhatsApp’s new message types in real time

List Messages: Empower customers to make decisions faster with predefined lists

Create lists and help your customers decide what actions they want to take next. Use list messages when you want to present several options such as:

  • Return requests
  • Appointment booking
  • Seating choices
  • Selecting nearby stores or locations
  • Take-out menus

Compared to text-only lists, WhatsApp’s list messages provide a simpler and more consistent format – and are most effective for menus with up to 10 options.

Reply Buttons: Speed up conversations with predefined replies

Reply buttons help customers choose from up to three options when talking to a chatbot or live agent.

They are best suited for situations where a generic response is not adequate and needs customer-centric, personalized responses such as:

  • Changing personal details
  • Reordering a previous order
  • Adding optional extras
  • Requesting a return
  • Using loyalty points
  • Choosing a payment method

Stickers: Enhance your messaging experience

Need an additional way to increase customer engagement? Now you can create your own stickers and make communication richer and more personal.

These new message types are currently available to all WhatsApp Business API users.

Aug 4th, 2021
2 min read
Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead