People API: Easier Targeting and Automated Triggered Communication

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Targeting the right people, over the right channel, while offering unique and personalized communication experience will help you increase conversion rates, keep your subscribers engaged and in the end drive revenue.

To get you started on that, we’re introducing the latest update to Infobip’s People API which will help you connect your customers base with the Infobip platform to send manual and automated engaging communications.

Having all your subscribers, leads and customers in one place with all important and updated data needed for segmentation and targeting is crucial to create communications that bring good results. Our platform can also help you send automated omni-channel communication flows which can be triggered as soon as your customer profiles get updated using People API – this way you can build better relationships through multiple engaging touch points.

What is People API and how it can help you?

The People API lets you automatically connect a website, CRM, or application with the Infobip platform by storing rich profiles in Target. This way you can eliminate the need for manual import and export of data every time you want to send a communication – reduce the time for preparing messages and automate that part of your business process.

Up-to-date full 360° view of every customer

Manual data extraction from the database and manual updates usually result in a lot of wasted time that could be better spent on more meaningful and profitable tasks. Additionally, it also increases the chance of human error, and very often it is not done as frequently as it should be.

People API does a lot of this manual work instead of you, and simplifies updates of people profiles. You can then use Target inside the Portal to segment imported people and to create communications.

Check out a basic example of how the process can look like:

Usually, companies have to deal with multiple profiles of one customer in several systems like CRM, Booking, E-Commerce, ERPs Databases. In this setup it is quite hard to segment people using filters from several systems – sync all data from all system to Infobip and create unified customer profiles.

  1. The customer signs up for a service, free trial, or downloads a piece of content and gives their contact details.
  2. They are then added to your CRM or other systems, and by using the People API, they are also automatically added to People on our platform, and optionally tagged with a specific Tag.
  3. Afterwards, you can use Target to create Segments based on the filters criteria and keep your people list well-organized and ready for targeted messaging.
  4. You can create a new communication with the information gathered from the signup.

Create rich customer profiles and use real-time communication triggering

Doing manual people profile updates is not an ideal situation to set up and start doing truly automated communications. With People API you can configure the system to sync data from your system to the Infobip platform instantly. This allows you to set up a Flow Communication that will be triggered as soon as your customer gets updated via the API.

Create rich people profiles for better targeting and real-time triggered communication:

Target your customers with more efficiency using Tags which become very useful when you want to simply group people according to a specific interest or action, you can consider them as labels – static values which give you more information about your customers. For example, let’s say you want to tag all customers who have abandoned their shopping cart under an “Abandoned Cart“ tag. When this change occurs, and a customer gets a tag, it triggers the sending of an automated message and starts the Flow, encouraging them to go back and finish their purchase.

According to research done by Baymard, more than 60% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. Whether its customers being interrupted during their journey or ones that just browse, you should try and get them back using different channels. Here is how you can automate it!

To create carefully tailored and personalized messages you can also use Custom Attributes to enrich people profiles even more. The “Loyalty Program Level”, for example, can be used to track membership level status (gold, silver, bronze). When a customer gets the “gold” membership, People API will update their data, and they can automatically start receiving specially created messages for the most loyal customers with benefits and discounts to make them brand ambassadors and keep them happy.

Here is an example – you want to track Loyalty program updates:

Configure a Flow that tracks the Value for the field “Loyalty Program Level” – this field gets filled via API from the CRM. As soon as this field is updated, a communication is triggered – below is an overview of how attribute update and Flow work together.

First you need to create the Custom Attribute – do it via Portal or People API. lt is quite simple to do it on the Portal – go to Target-Configuration and create:

You can create Custom Attributes via the API with the following method:


When the custom field is created you can fill it manually or use an API call to update the customer’s profile.


Using your customers’ channel of choice helps create the best engagement possible. By asking customers what their desired channel is during the signup process this information is automatically added to People in Target, and a unique customer profile is created; simplifying your campaign planning and segmentation.

The new People API brings improvements for accessing people as well as new simplified methods for updating people information. Work together with your DEV team to set it up and connect your databases with Infobip, use the People API to sync your systems, have up-to-date data about your audience and create personalized automatized communication journeys to grow your business!

Visit our Infobip API Developer Hub to learn more about technical details and how your communication with customers can benefit from the People API.

Feb 25th, 2022
5 min read
Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead