3 Pillars of Outstanding eCommerce Customer Experience

Timothy Allen

Razan Saleh

Content Manager – MENA

Did you know that offering a killer product isn’t enough to make your eCommerce business survive today? Yes, it is true! While your products may still have a significant impact on your company’s potential success, you cannot rely solely on product quality to deliver an outstanding shopping experience. In reality, product quality is no longer the most important factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a particular brand. Instead, providing a valuable overall experience to your eCommerce customers is much more critical.

The phrase “eCommerce customer experience” refers to the number of touchpoints, engagements, thoughts, and emotions that are shared between the customer and your brand — as seen through the eyes of the customer. What signifies an excellent customer experience differs from one person to another since it is dependent on consumer preferences. Nevertheless, brands continue to struggle in meeting customers’ expectations and delivering successful experiences that increase loyalty and satisfaction. Our research indicates that 74% of consumers believe brands’ messaging lacks a personalized, human connection.

So how can you deliver an outstanding online shopping CX? Let’s take you through three key pillars that will help you build an excellent eCommerce strategy in order to boost your customer loyalty, increase retention and improve the customer lifetime value.

Deliver an Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

Businesses today must pay careful attention to their customers’ needs and expectations. With an estimated annual growth rate of 25% for eCommerce in the MENA region, the need for businesses to be present where consumers are is crucial for them to engage with their customers at any point, and most importantly, over their preferred channel. Today’s shopper has more options for researching, comparing, and purchasing almost any product he/she wants. Instead of waiting for customers to tell you what they want, save time by anticipating their needs.

With an omnichannel communication strategy, you’ll know who your customers are, how they’ve interacted with you previously, and their interests. Once you have that data, you can personalize your customer engagement by communicating over multiple channels while using the right messages at the right time to keep customers engaged at different touchpoints.

Infobip’s Moments lets you do that and much more! It allows you to personalize each customer’s journey through tailored messaging while using the channels of their choice. With real-time alerts, you can build and optimize efficient flows that reach customers precisely at the right points during their journey without thinking about channels or devices.

Personalize Your Customers’ Experience

Customers don’t generally perceive engagement over a mobile site, desktop site, or mobile app as separate experiences. To them, they’re communicating with one brand. Not remembering your customer’s name or their purchasing history is like you’re reintroducing yourself to someone you’ve met and asking them questions you should already know the answers to.

According to Mckinsey, 71% of customers experience frustration if their experience is impersonal. Simply put, if they start their engagement on one device and finish on another, they will expect you to remember not only their conversation history but also to customize future interactions based on the knowledge they’ve provided.

Infobip’s Conversations allows you to unify communication and manage customer support from all angles through a single interface. The solution is designed to integrate with your CRM through API and allows you to integrate our solutions with your existing system seamlessly.

By using Conversations, agents will have access to the entire conversation and purchase history across all channels. This helps agents:

  • Seamlessly take over more complex queries that chatbots aren’t programmed to handle
  • Detect repeat issues and provide faster solutions
  • Offer complementary products or services for more cross-sell opportunities

Provide Excellent Customer Support

While embracing new technology makes shopping easier, it also empowers customers to engage with you on their own terms. They’ll decide when, where, and how they’ll do business with you. In any case, your goal should be to deliver whatever it is the customer needs to move them forward in their journey.

When you hear the word “customer experience,” the first thing that comes to mind is usually customer support. That is, after all, an essential part of enhancing the customer experience.

Infobip’s Answers allows you to provide fast and “Always-on” customer service through seamless communication and smart automation over the customers’ preferred channel. Our solutions are fast, scalable and flexible. They are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.

Being available and providing 24/7support can:

  • improve your response rate
  • improve your time to resolution
  • decrease your average hold time

With Answers, you can simply offload basic queries like FAQs from your agents through intent-based chatbots and, most importantly, provide accessibility and around-the-clock support to your customers.

Why eCommerce Customer Experience Matters

By now you should know why providing an excellent eCommerce customer experience is important. Delivering value at  every touchpoint gives your customer every incentive to engage with your brand on a regular basis. Personalization encourages consumers to develop habits, makes them feel like you understand them, and, most importantly, eliminates friction; allowing them to purchase items more quickly and regularly. And, as consumers get more satisfaction out of each interaction, they’ll definitely come back for more , ultimately building  trust, increasing satisfaction and boosting loyalty.  

Apr 29th, 2021
4 min read

Timothy Allen