Taking service quality to a new level with Deployment Manager

We’re proud to announce that we have recently started utilising Deployment Manager, an internal tool which has already raised our effectiveness in delivering top quality telco and IP products and services to clients and partners around the globe.

With a highly complex network of servers merging the Infobip technological platform, installing every application and deploying upgrades pushed to every server was often a lengthy feat. 

Making deployment simpler and faster

The Deployment Manager revolutionises the way deployment in our company works, enabling the installation of any application with one single click across our entire network. It singles out a certain app, backs up its data and installs the new version as requested by the user – all this while providing the diagnostics of the entire deployment process. An added bonus is the ability to quickly revert to the previous version if a malfunction is detected. 

On average, one deployment over DM takes 5 minutes, while doing the same process manually takes up to 20 minutes. Calculating at that rate, 440 hours were saved during a 3 month span.

In addition, the introduction of Deployment Manager allows us to have a larger number of people handling the improvements of our messaging and payments platform. These are people of different development profiles who can now individually enhance certain aspects of a project, reducing costs and quickening the deployment process.

Improvements going live faster for clients

What does this mean for thousands of business clients that use our powerful SMS messaging capacity every day? It means that all the improvements and new capabilities, constantly developed by Infobip’s engineers, are going live in a faster and safer way.

Due to less man-hours spent on deployment, new features are implemented much earlier and potential bugs solved almost instantaneously, even from mobile. In addition, quickly switching between versions results in less downtime for our services. Security, which is always our top priority, is enhanced by access exclusively done through the Development Manager. 

The tool was internally developed and tested, and has beyond doubt been a huge step in the right direction, taking our service quality standards even further.

Positive reactions at Rijksuniversitet

Recently, our team traveled to Holland to showcase our tool at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, Holland’s Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. There, numerous professors, Ph.D. students and university associates watched the first public unveiling of the Deployment Manager.

The first impression we got was really positive. We were flattered to hear from people in attendance that they never saw a solution that can solve this many problems simultaneously when putting new code into production. Such kind of recognition has been both satisfying and inspiring.

Aleksandar Dostic – Senior Software Engineer, Infobip

Jan 9th, 2014
2 min read