How ISV partners can benefit from CPaaS

Kathie Osborne

Director of ISV Partnerships Program

With over 220,000 ISVs battling each other to win a spot in the technology stack of businesses today, and the number set to grow to 1 million by 2027 (Forrester) – gaining a competitive edge has become imperative.

The technology market is saturated, but customer demands are increasing and looking for more hyper-personalized solutions. However, with the number of ISVs in the market, traditional inbound marketing can only garner a few leads.

Fortunately, CPaaS providers and cloud communication platforms are able to help their smaller tech counterparts out by building partner programs or marketplaces where ISVs can offer their software solutions to the platforms’ customers. This in turn has increased the ISVs visibility and revenue.

What does this mean for ISV’s looking to work with enterprises?

According to a 2021 IDC survey:

  • 90.3% engage directly with cloud communication platforms or third-party developers to enable real-time communication applications and collaboration tools
  • 32.8% plan to build solutions internally on a CPaaS platform in consultation with 3rd party developers

Unlock the market with partnerships

The software development market revenue is projected to reach $608.70bn in 2022, with the market’s largest segment is Enterprise Software with a projected market volume of US$243.30bn in 2022.

Cloud communications platforms with CPaaS capabilities has been a key accelerator for this growth and partner programs have delivered opportunities for cost-effective experimentation and delivery.

Partnering with a CPaaS industry leader and connected cloud communication platform can help ISVs grow their business exponentially and set themselves apart from their competition.

In today’s cloud-based world the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of communication technologies and network connectivity means ISVs have the perfect environment for development and scalability of applications.

But going into it alone could be a mistake – as the challenge of delivering secure, reliable communication solutions to their end-users remains.

That’s where partner programs come in. A CPaaS and cloud communications partner can offer an agile development platform reliable delivery, and managed solutions that will help ISVs reap the benefits of today’s cloud-based world and increase the focus on their core business software, improve customer experience and create quicker development cycles.

How ISVs can capitalize on CPaaS capabilities

Meeting Revenue and Lifetime Value KPIs: Partnering with a CPaaS providers opens a lot of opportunities for ISVs by creating ongoing revenue in addition to their existing software and helps create stronger relationships with their clients.

Provide a complete package of communication channels: By bringing API-driven communication and services that include SMS, chat apps, voice, video, email and social, your clients can pick and choose from a variety of channels with an option to deploy them as required.

Add rich messaging: ISVs can deliver multiple communication services through a single API allowing their clients to make stronger connections to the end-customer and provide personalized experiences based on – behavior, online purchase history, and events that can be used for segmentation.

Adding value to existing applications: Through CPaaS, ISVs can help their customers get more out of their investments by offering advanced features and functionality on existing business applications – without costly redesigns or backend infrastructure builds.

How do ISV partners benefit from CPaaS and cloud partnerships?

Increase recurring revenue and lifetime value: As an ISV, there is a lot of competition out there and one of your key KPIs is to increase revenue, decrease customer churn and keep the lifetime value of a customer high. A partner program that offers a CPaaS solution with the ability to flexibly add value-added services on top of it – allows you to keep your client engaged and increase your annual recurring revenue.

Building solutions that understand customer needs: As end-customers got more tech savvy, businesses had to accelerate their digital transformation. This meant ISVs needed to understand the new end-users wants, their clients digital KPIs and provide solutions that met both. Enter partnerships. A CPaaS and cloud communication partner helps ISVs go-to-market quickly with new solutions that can cater to those needs.

Unify customer journeys: With a single platform for communication channels, ISVs can carry out servicing customers and providing solutions in unified manner for the end-to-end journey. This helps in consolidation of data, one-view of conversation history, and a unified tech stack.

The Infobip Partner Connect Program

Infobip’s cloud communications platform provides endless opportunities for different types of ISVs to unlock innovation through integrations. ISV Integration Partners that leverage multiple integration use cases can realize the full value stream of their business and customers.

Our partner program understands ISVs unique needs and offers programmatic support in key three areas.

Expand capability

  • ISVs have endless opportunity to expand their technical capabilities by leveraging our technology to build innovative solutions and/ or integrate with our CPaaS and SaaS solutions
  • Through our partner program, ISVs expand their portfolio of offerings that can be marketed to thousands of Infobip’s customers and to the fast-growing cloud communications space.
  • ISVs in the Partner Program get access to technical enablement resources, dev tools, engineering support, expert guidance, and onboarding from Infobip, ensuring high quality build of their solutions.

Increase growth

  • Even before the ISVs sign the Partner Connect Program agreement, we’ll work with them to build an optimal Business Plan to establish a mutually beneficial relationship focused on business growth, right from the start.
  • Once an ISV partner has built and launched their Infobip integration, they receive go-to-market benefits and marketing resources to help partners generate leads and expand their business. 
  • ISVs can list their solution on Infobip’s Marketplace, highlighting their offering to thousands of Infobip’s customers and prospects.

Accelerate scale

  • The ISV Partner Program is designed to incentivize and reward Partners that consistently show strong commitment. Partners can earn more membership benefits as they meet the requirements for the next partnership tier.
  • ISVs can exponentially extend their sales coverage as the ISV Partner Program provides mechanisms for Partners to present their solutions and their value proposition to Infobip’s internal sales teams.
  • ISVs benefit from the hands-on, high touch support you receive from their Partner Development Manager, Partner Marketing Manager, and other resources dedicated to their growth and success.

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