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How to Use Viber Business Messages to Increase Customer Engagement

How to Use Viber Business Messages to Increase Customer Engagement

Customers want personalized one-on-one experiences. Find out how sending business messages through Viber can help you deliver exactly what they're looking for.

Messaging apps are becoming the channel of choice for interacting with a business for most consumers. Here we explore how Viber business messages can help your business deliver rich, engaging experiences to customers – meeting them where many are already spending time.

What are Viber Business Messages?

The launch of Viber Business Messages has made it easier for leading brands to communicate with customers using rich media, such as images, videos, and documents, through a verified business account (indicated with a blue tick beside the business name).  

Statistics about viber business messages usage

Now, enterprises can use Viber to offer customer support, send important notifications and alerts, and share promotional offers in an engaging way.  

Industry examples of Viber Business Messages

To better understand how this all works in practice, let’s explore how leading brands in retail, finance, and on-demand have incorporated Viber Business Messages into their communication strategy to increase their customer engagement. 

Retail and ecommerce

As new technology continues to challenge the need for brick-and-mortar stores, old and new brands within the retail industry remain stuck trying to decide on their next best move.

However, recent studies continuously show that the focus should no longer be on physical versus virtual locations, but rather on experience. Specifically, the personalization of communication throughout the overall shopping journey.

In fact, studies also show that consumers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

With Viber for Business, retail and eCommerce brands can: 

  • Set up promo campaign reminders 
  • Share welcome messages with new loyalty club members 
  • Receive feedback through surveys 
  • Keep customers informed with shipping and order notifications 

Business messages Viber: retail example
Wurth Logo

As a market leader in assembly and fastening materials, Würth wanted to improve their communication with customers. After introducing Viber as their primary channel for communication, along with email, the retailer is now able to communicate new promotions to customers in minutes, which has led to a faster sales cycle.

Find out more about how Würth improved their business with Viber.


We’ve covered before how chat banking can improve customer experience and the way financial institutions have adopted their services to advancements in technology over the last few decades. Just as customers expect their favorite retail brands to deliver a personalized one-on-one experience, they expect their banks to do the same.

By sending business messages through Viber, banks and other financial institutions can:

Business messages Viber: finance examples
nlb bank logo

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NLB Bank in Montenegro achieved a 30% increase in sales leads after introducing Viber as a communication channel with clients.

Read NLB Bank’s full story about how they increased sales leads with Viber.

Transport and ride hailing

Ridesharing and airline companies have the highest need for instant messaging options that enable them to deliver information quickly and easily.

Through Viber for business, these companies can:

  • Invite customers to download their app
  • Send booking confirmations
  • Create engaging offers
  • Provide real-time customer support to resolve issues

Business messages Viber: transport example
BlaBlaCar logo

A large portion of BlaBlaCar users in Russia and Ukraine requested to communicate with the ridesharing company through Viber. After introducing the new communication channel with customers, BlaBlaCar used it to deliver booking confirmations, booking status, and last-minute ride requests to both riders and drivers. This resulted in:

  • reduced customer complaints
  • faster time to resolution
  • positive customer reviews

Find out more about how BlaBlaCar improved the rideshare experience and reduced driver no-shows.

Take your Viber business messages to the next level

By using Viber Business Messages through Conversations, our contact center solution, your agents will be able to:

  • view full chat history
  • handle more than one conversation at a time, and
  • track customer activity

As more customers continue to choose brands that offer support over instant messaging channels, being available on an app they already use can give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Meet customer demands by adding Viber to your communication strategy