Improve Data Governance With Templates and Collections

When sending large-scale time-critical communications, you need the flexibility to readily deploy, secure and manage your messaging activities. There can’t be any confusion about what you’re sending, no errors inside the content you’re sending out and no delays in getting your message across. With templates and collections available inside the Infobip Portal, we’ve provided a way for you to easily solve data governance and reduce human error that normally hinders massive campaigns.

Use templates to build effective communications

Templates allow you to seamlessly create a baseline configuration inside the Infobip Portal that can serve any messaging need. Available directly from the left side menu, the new module gives you complete control when creating SMS, Push, Voice and Email campaign templates. Regardless of the channel you’re deploying a template for, the process is relatively straightforward. We’ve built the templates functionality while keeping in mind the regular campaign creation flow – it’s built for speed. You are able to create a template just like you would any regular SMS, Push, Voice or Email campaign, so even if you haven’t created any templates yet, you’re familiar with the process.

With templates, you immediately impact sending speed with pre-set messaging scenarios. Building separate messaging flows for individuals or groups and create as many templates as you need to be able to quickly react to any scenario. By using templated campaigns, you gain the needed flexibility, positively impact sending speed with less room for error. Easily editable, they also allow you to optimize future communication with real-time data gathered inside the Infobip Portal.Once created, templates can also be organized and grouped into collections for easy management.

Minimize mistakes in large-scale messaging scenarios

The flexibility to efficiently operate and manage your messaging is crucial when your communications need to reach thousands of people, carrying sensitive information. In case of emergency messaging, such as natural disasters, using templates helps minimize human error and get time critical information into the hands of people who need it most. Instead of creating your communications plan on the spot, pre-set templates and collections help cut down the time needed for a swift reaction.Collections present a turnkey solution for template management that not only reduces manual tasks, but also effectively data-governs your messaging. With several users accessing the Portal, each handling communication campaigns of a different type or scenario, they allow you to differentiate between their roles and template access, while storing multiple templates for each targeted scenario inside one or more collections.

Being able to provide or limit access and editing options to a preset number of templates or collections for individual Portal users means fully-controlling the sending process. Template/Collection editing restrictions result in increased security for your entire messaging flow, giving you peace of mind for any type of time-critical messaging situation.

Dec 14th, 2016
2 min read