Don’t Rush: Making AI a Success

Martina Ivanović

When you get a new gadget, do you read the manual first? Or do you use it straight away and save reading it for later? Learning on the job can be fun when it comes to a computer game, a new bicycle, or Lego. But when it comes to AI-powered automation, it’s best to get all the information possible before the fun can start.

AI-powered solutions, such as chatbots, voicebots, and robotic process automation, will transform contact center operations and customer-brand communications. However, just like with any new technology, it’s best to learn as much as possible about the technology to get the most out of it. And because AI covers a broad territory, planning must be managed properly.

So, before we dive in, here are five ways to ensure AI is a success:

1. Manage expectations

AI is not a magic wand that will deliver everything senior management wishes for, but it can make radical improvements in many areas. By focusing on a clearly defined use case, you will reduce the risk of implementation delays and reap the benefits of AI more efficiently.

2. Have support in place

Because AI is so new, you may not have the technical resources to support it in your contact center. You’ll need to plan in advance what support is needed in order to begin implementation and avoid misconfiguration and mismanagement.

3. Optimize data

AI relies on having large, clean pools of data that it can learn from. A non-siloed data architecture, consistent data vocabulary, and means of accessing this data securely and quickly are all prerequisites for AI to succeed.

4. Focus on outcomes

Track service levels of AI processes in the same way you would with your agents – whether that’s reducing the cost to serve by lowering handle times, customer satisfaction, or reducing call-backs about the same issue.

5. Automate repetitive tasks

Because automation is particularly suited to AI, many routine or repetitive tasks will be ripe for improvement, especially if the cost of manually handling these issues can be calculated. Give the business metrics on how many customers were successfully helped by AI, the cost avoided, and the effect on customer satisfaction ratings to build your case for further AI usage.

Get started with AI

AI is going to revolutionize the contact center. It’s going to make it faster and more effective in delivering a more personalized and better experience for customers. It’s also going to give agents the tools and insights to handle more complex queries.

Learn more about data quality, infrastructure readiness, results and feedback, and agent training in our ebook – and make your AI a success.

Nov 30th, 2021
2 min read

Martina Ivanović