Multiple SMS to Multiple Destinations

Timothy Allen

Send multiple messages to multiple destinations by calling one API method only once. This allows you to send multiple, customised SMS messages to multiple recipients, or your entire database if necessary.

Some of the uses of this sending method include marketing and promotions, as in our sample code below, but also various notifications and alerts, e.g. in multiplayer gaming, social networks or news updates.

Your request should look like this:

This way, you’ll send specific SMS messages to multiple destinations in a single request. The response will contain information about all the messages sent out:

Full reports are standard at Infobip, providing detailed stats that let you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and gather customer data.

More about statistics and reports:

To get message delivery reports, check these instructions. For more details about errors and statuses check this document.

Jul 9th, 2015
1 min read

Timothy Allen