Presenting Social Invites – the ultimate app referral choice

What better way to promote an app than to enable satisfied users to be its ambassadors on their own terms?

Who better to target than an audience highly receptive to the opinion of a friend? Social Invites does just that, leveraging a user’s personal connections to deliver product invites directly to mobile phones of potential new users – and it is does so by using the only messaging standard adopted by all mobile phones, SMS.

From within the app, users can send an SMS to their phone contacts and invite them to download the app. The SMS comes free for the user and the incoming SMS is displayed as coming from a contact, which guarantees it will be read – and that’s not even the best part.


The SMS contains a download link that directly takes users to the download page of the OS-appropriate app store, preventing them from being side-tracked by competitors’ products. This allows you to convert the users when their interest level is at its highest. All the user needs to do is open the SMS and click the link!

Integrating Social Invites in your app requires a minimum of effort from your side. Our developers’ library and API liberates your resources, allowing you to focus on the most important thing for an app – user experience.

Completely customisable user interface for selecting contacts and tracking invite statuses blends seamlessly in any visual identity, regardless of the mobile OS.

Sounds interesting? Download our Social Invites brochure to explore and learn more.

Sep 18th, 2014
2 min read