Reimagine voice and video calling with the new calls API release

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Julian Dawkins

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Given the unprecedented appetite for voice-based communication, Calls API is now a key tool for dynamic global businesses as they strive to differentiate themselves with richer customer engagement experiences.

With a library of 40 granular APIs, our Calls API acts as a building block for creating any call architecture for voice, video, and conferencing.

Of course, existing predefined API scenarios such as voice messages, IVR, and number masking are still available and an effective option when needing to provision a call scenario quickly. Calls API compliments this approach as we see organizations are keen to exercise their creativity and use the new APIs to configure custom scenarios that fit their communication requirements perfectly.

Use cases for voice and video call API

With the flexibility of Calls API the possibilities are just about limitless. Our customers are already planning new scenarios that will give them a further competitive edge in their markets.

We are not going to give away any trade secrets but would like to share a few use cases to get your creative juices flowing.

Secure and private calling for e-commerce sites

How many times have you got into a long-winded conversation via message on marketplaces like eBay, Airbnb and others – trying to resolve an issue that would take two minutes if you could just speak to each other, or at least leave a voice message? Well, now you can.

Using Calls API, these sites can now facilitate voice connections between prospective buyers and sellers, while protecting both side’s privacy with number anonymity. Not only does this improve the peer-to-peer transaction process, with far fewer misunderstandings and time delays, but it also increases the digital safety of users.

Increased brand trust and better control of interactions are also advantages for e-commerce sites who can now facilitate the entirety of transactions on their own infrastructure.

Flexible video call api for every use case

Video conferencing that is just right for your business

With so many of us working from home over the past two years we have all become accustomed to meeting with colleagues and customers on video calls. The ‘out-the-box’ conferencing solutions are far from flexible, but we have had to make it work because there was no other option.

Now there is.

Calls API makes it possible to set up video conferencing that meets the demands of a dynamic modern workforce. With some people back in the office, some still at home, and maybe even one or two on their phones stuck in traffic – all can be included in the same call with the same quality of experience.

With phone, SIP, and WebRTC endpoints all being supported, and both voice and video conferencing options, you can now set up reliable conferencing and video presentations with features including transcription, recording, and the ability to control all of these via the API.

The bar really has been raised for any business adopting a hybrid working policy.

And its not just for internal use-cases. Imagine a scenario where a big business deal is getting close to being finalized, but one or two parties have travel commitments at the crucial time when it comes to ironing out the final details. You can now provision a conference call for all parties on any device and any location, with the option to record and transcribe the meeting for compliance purposes.

Epic customer service

How about using the Calls API to give your customer service the X-factor? Setting up a video connection via WebRTC between your customer and your contact center will allow issues to be reported quickly and unambiguously. The agent will be able to both see and hear the customer and the device they are calling about.

Gone are the days when customers struggled to find the right words to describe the exact noise their faulty washing machine was making as it clattered across the kitchen floor – now the support person can see and hear it for themselves!

This will ultimately save time and costs for both retailers and manufacturers, and provide opportunities to really impress customers.

Calls API is the ideal api for video calling

Summary of enhancements

We are proud and excited to be releasing the new Calls API and can’t wait to see what creative and innovative communication solutions our customers deliver with it.

Just to summarize the main features:

  • Make calls using any endpoint, including phone, WebRTC, and PSTN
  • Live conferencing now available
  • Comprehensive and flexible recording and transcription functions
  • Complete control of media features during the call

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May 23rd, 2022
4 min read
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Julian Dawkins

Senior Product Marketing Manager