Russia: New mobile advertising platform available

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest-growing segments in the business today, allowing you to effectively position your product on the market and among your target audience. Leveraged properly, it enables an effective communication with selected audiences, overcoming one of the key problems businesses are facing in today’s saturated mobile advertising environment.

Building on our close cooperation with Russian mobile operators, we have created an all-in-one advertising platform which will enable our clients to target specific customer segments in Russia. With this solution, properly targeting a desired destination becomes much easier, dramatically cuts costs and vastly improves the overall success rate and impact of marketing campaigns.

The flexible platform allows advertisers to customise numerous targeting parameters in detail, effectively communicating your campaign to its audience. Manipulating parameters such as age and gender, average revenue, phone OS and model, geo-targeting and movement trajectories, music preferences, roaming directions and frequency, gives you an unprecedented set of tools to increase the chance of hitting big with your audience.

Your messages in the spotlight

Not having to rely on other media such as TV or websites to get your message across makes this type of targeted SMS-based mobile advertising extremely effective. Around 98% of users read incoming messages and 56% take action when seeing ads on their own mobile devices. Close partnerships with MNOs and in-house developed technology allow us to guarantee top delivery rates and instant traffic processing. By adjusting just several parameters, you can start generating even better results.

Then, combine that impact with other Infobip services to learn more about your customers. Our 2-way SMS service provides the possibility to receive a response from your clients and establish a dialogue, or use our Campaign Manager to run marketing campaigns with different ways of engaging consumers – sweepstakes, polls, broadcasts or the ever-popular SMS coupons.  

Sep 18th, 2014
2 min read