Unlock Value from Communication Applications

A lesson learned from the many challenges of the past couple of years is that having (or being able to provide) fast access to the right digital channels is crucial to business success.

When applications fail, or if they can’t be easily used, or aren’t properly managed – business performance suffers.

Therefore, when businesses aren’t able to adapt to rapid changes in channel trends – business success stutters.

On the other hand, when businesses have access to robust tech stacks with failovers galore and the addition of new trendy channels is as simple as ticking a box? Business booms.

And this is where you come in.

What if you could help your clients businesses by giving them access to technology like that?

And what if we told you we did all the heavy lifting?

And that you can monetize the messaging you help set up?

You can. With us.

Let’s show you how you can unlock the value hidden in communication applications.

Simplifying the complexity of customer communications

What could be simpler than accessing all communication channels with a single login over a single interface?

With Infobip’s platform, you can simply connect at one point to give your clients access to all channels that their customers demand.

This helps their business by giving them the ability and agility to quickly upgrade their communication strategies – from expanding existing technical capabilities to adopting new ones as they emerge.

Opportunities abound

When your clients realize they need to transform their customer engagement and service strategies – it’s your time to shine.

From consulting clients on how to best transform their engagement and service strategies, to actually integrating Infobip APIs with your clients’ systems. We help you provide best practices to your clients and modernize the tech behind their digital customer experiences. Quickly and easily.

How quickly and how easily?

Infobip APIs can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems. This means that your clients keep running whatever they have running. No need for costly system overhauls or hardware upgrades. Just speedy integrations supported by our expert engineers.

Discover how our partner Floodgate helped Rosebank College quickly scale and modernize their communications

Unlocking the value

But what about your business? How does Infobip help you unlock value from communications applications? I’m glad you asked.

By setting your clients up with the latest in digital messaging technologies through Infobip’s platform, you open your business up to new recurring revenue, new revenue streams and more stable income.

This new revenue can come from licensing fees based on the number of agents or monthly active users – i.e. the more users, the higher licensing fee and more revenue.

Additionally, channel traffic also helps build recurring revenue by monetizing messaging traffic.

Providing managed services to your clients in the view of training, support, and even application customization add more revenue in your recurring streams.

And for one-time revenue paydays, look to fees for API plug-ins, custom integrations, and consulting.

Of course, as a dedicated partner Infobip has your back for all of these options.

Why become a partner?

Let’s quickly recap. By becoming a system integrator partner with Infobip, you improve your clients’ business by quickly and cost-efficiently modernizing their communication capabilities and strategies.

This is achieved through fast integration of APIs that work with their existing systems, avoiding the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Improving their business improves their business relationship with you. This opens up recurring revenue for you through increased client loyalty, but also:

  • Monetizing channel traffic
  • User and agent licenses
  • Providing training, support, and customization
  • Providing professional services (API plug-ins, custom integrations, consulting)

All this with full support by your partner provider.

Considering the above – the question should be ‘why not become a partner?’

Apr 14th, 2022
3 min read