World Creativity and Innovation Day: Ideas, Innovations, and Trends Driving the Future

Technology has advanced over time, and our way of life has transformed dramatically. As a result, organizations are now looking for ways to future-proof and scale their businesses in a cost-effective and timely manner and develop new innovative ideas to improve communication and customer satisfaction.

A creative and innovative approach in all aspects of business has become imperative for companies in all industries. Innovative thinking encourages companies and individuals to take risks and attempt new things by breaking established patterns and embracing a change-first mindset to innovate and provide excellent, distinctive, and exciting goods. It also helps companies enhance the overall experience for their customers. As we all know, customer demands are constantly evolving, and creativity and innovation help businesses keep up and respond to the new trends.

When we talk about meeting customer demands and keeping up with the changes in their behavior, we need to highlight the crucial role of communication in these processes. How can you ensure that your business is using innovative communication with customers?

Be where your customers are

Creative and innovative communication starts with choosing the right channel – knowing where your customers are and where you should be. Determining this can be as simple as putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and noticing which channels you use when you want to communicate with someone. For most people, it’s the chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc. If your customers prefer chat apps for communication, your business cannot miss out on the opportunity to be there.

Improve response time

Researches have shown that the customers don’t want to wait for a response for more than 5 minutes. Since most of today’s customers are Millennials and Gen Z, it is not a surprise that they demand instant replies to their inquiries. How can companies respond to such challenging demands? One of the solutions is to implement a chatbot on their preferred communication channel and respond to FAQs instantly.

Ensure the frictionless communication flow

While chatbots can solve many requests, we know that not all inquiries are part of FAQs. For more complex requests, human assistance is crucial, and that’s where companies need agents to take over. Using the cloud communication center enables agents to continue the communication right after the bot, in the same chat, with insight into the entire communication history. This frictionless switch is what customers want and how companies earn their loyalty.

At Infobip, we cherish creativity and innovation in everything we do. We ensure that our omnichannel communication solutions offer what companies need to boost their CX by constantly staying up to date with the latest customer behavior trends.

Today, as we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID), we asked some of our senior team members and managers what being creative, innovative, and successful.

Every company will need to identify what creativity and innovation mean to them and how they intend to incorporate their definitions into the bigger picture. The need to embrace a change-first mindset has never been more urgent, and it will determine the survival of industries across the board.

Hussein Malhas, VP Revenue MENA, Turkey & Pakistan

The pandemic saw us adopting creative solutions in how we work. I think that, as we move forward, the approach will be about creating and finding solutions that not only work for the company but are flexible enough to adapt to the new normal.

Asma Khan, Country Head, Pakistan

Innovation and digital transformation go hand in hand. Through embracing a constant, re-inventing mindset, companies will continue to grow and deliver exceptional experiences for their customers.

Zeid Shubailat, Sales Director MENA, Turkey & Pakistan

Digital transformation adoption will determine a company’s fate, making it a necessity, not a luxury. However, how you choose to implement it is where your creative voice shines through, which is why we continue to see so many wonderful companies delivering truly innovative and interesting products.

Aida Durmić, Enterprise Team Lead

Previously, the transformation was the driving force for corporate growth. Today companies need to take another step; looking at transformation as a driver and a means to delivering that innovative, wow factor to their end-users.

Tamer Nasrawin, Regional Sales Engineering Manager MENA, Turkey & Pakistan

Many of the innovations that enable driving your business forward did not exist a few years ago – to me, that is a true representation of creativity, and implementing the technology is the cherry on top.

Salam Al-Madani, Senior Customer Success Manager

No matter how you define innovation, it is essential for business in the modern world. Staying up to date is challenging, but with the right set of solutions and an experienced provider, you can make sure to remain ahead of the curve and grow your business.

Apr 20th, 2022
4 min read