Leanpay: 20% month-on-month growth in registered users with two-factor authentication


month-on-month registered user growth


Creating a secure and simple onboarding experience for new users

For the successful launch of its financing app, Leanpay needed to quickly establish a large user base that was engaged and primed to explore their services.

As a part of Leanpay’s go-to-market strategy, they knew they had to focus on the onboarding process to ensure they made a lasting first impression on customers that encouraged positive reviews and referrals.

The first step for customers during the onboarding process is downloading the Leanpay app and registering for an account, from which they can then manage and authorize transactions.

Leanpay’s goal was to make creating an account for transactions hassle-free and, above all, secure.


Introducing communication channels that will keep account and loan information secure

To ensure onboarding is simple and secure for customers, Leanpay decided to introduce Infobip’s two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.

While Leanpay continued to produce their own one-time PINS (OTPs), Infobip’s 2FA solution helped them manage the delivery of these PINs via SMS for customers to confirm their accounts.

Through 2FA, when registering on the app, a customer’s mobile phone number becomes their username. This allows Leanpay to verify users with both their online password and mobile phone, in addition to providing an extra layer of security with a one-time PIN.

Once the customer is registered, 2FA also plays a crucial role in the loan process in order to verify identity and confirm transactions.

The advantage of using a mobile phone for 2FA is that Leanpay app users can receive their verification PIN at any time, from a device that only they have access to – making transaction information easily available while upholding security.


20% month-on-month growth in new users with an easy and secure onboarding process

Two-factor authentication has underpinned a successful onboarding process that is both simple and safe, and Infobip’s global messaging platform has ensured a scalable solution for consistent customer experience as the userbase continues to grow.

Leanpay is exploring the option of adding more communication channels through Infobip in the future to make the onboarding experience even easier.

Working with Infobip to incorporate two-factor authentication into the Leanpay app has been fundamental to achieving a monthly growth rate of 20%. The onboarding process is efficient, and the customer experience is much better as a result.

Miša Živić

CEO and Founder

Company Profile


Leanpay is a fintech start-up that facilitates point of sale installment loans for consumers across all sales channels. Retailers can integrate the solution both in-store and online to offer consumers easy, instant, and error-free loan processes and plans with high approval rates – even for web payments. As more retailers explore alternative payment solutions – and younger consumers move away from credit card use – point of sale lending is set to surge in popularity. Based in Slovenia, LeanPay is already working with 60 retailers nationally and has plans to quickly expand into other European countries in the near future.