Silver Monitor: Infobip IoT connectivity orchestration


Connecting devices to central servers

Silver Monitor is a health tracking device for the elderly that monitors their general health, and alerts medical professionals and family members of any irregularities.

Since the elderly move around just like everyone else, Silver Monitor needed a way to collect live data from devices and feed them to their central servers.

There are several ways to do this, of course – but each comes with its own set of challenges. For example, WiFi works only in certain places in the home, but not outside. Bluetooth also could work, but is limited to shorter distances.

What Silver Monitor needed was a wireless-based IoT solution, since SIM cards are installed in the devices and provide full data coverage, along with multiple network profiles.

In addition, the company also needed a way to manage data traffic and IoT SIM subscriptions to optimize their business.


Infobip IoT for full SIM control

Infobip’s IoT solution handled three main challenges for Silver Monitor.

First was the data connectivity over SIM cards. These were placed in the smart watch device and used to connect to the central server. The server was then able to interpret the data over the corresponding application or web interface, keeping loved ones and staff alert.

Next, Silver Monitor had full connectivity management, including support of SIM lifecycle state transitions. This is important, since the data being shared is time-critical. Medical staff needs to be able to promptly react in case Silver Monitor users encounter any health-related issues.

Having full overview of the network connectivity status helps Silver Monitor spot the difference between hardware and software issues. With Infobip’s solution, they can easily know if errors are device or SIM related, or down to the network. Knowing this helps Silver Monitor deploy the correct response – software issues can be handled remotely, while hardware issues require local assistance.

Full centralized connectivity management is crucial, since it allows for easy activation and deactivation of device IoT SIM cards. This capability is handy for subscription-based services, since it allows the business to quickly deactivate SIMs and avoid costs associated with unpaid monthly subscriptions.

In addition, there is no forced termination due to inactivity by Infobip’s admin, or additional charges for middle lifecycle states.

Lastly, Infobip provided the type of support and personalized client approach that addresses the challenges startups face and works together with them to create an IoT solution to fit their case. The pilot project was also made easier to test, thanks to free IoT SIM cards from Infobip.

Working with a company of Infobip’s reputation also helped Silver Monitor to better position themselves on the typically delicate healthcare market.


More stability, improved device control, better business reputation

Working with Infobip’s IoT solution helped Silver Monitor to provide a more stable health tracking solution – valued by their users, as well as their loved ones.

This stability was underlined by the improved device control that Infobip’s IoT provides in terms of SIM management.

In a business sense, Silver Monitor benefited by working with Infobip, since this meant their service would be backed by a stable and reliable partner.

Being a startup in the healthcare sector means the bar is set higher for you than most other startups. In order to leave your mark, you need to work with the best service providers, who offer the best solution. We found such a partner in Infobip, whose IoT solution gave us full SIM management and unparalleled reliability. Our users recognized this and continue to value the service quality we can provide them, thanks to the service quality that is provided to us.

Tihana Petricevic


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