Messaging trends 2023

Discover the current trends in business communication based on interactions that took place on our platform.*

*2021 vs 2022

The era of conversational everything  

Consumer habits have evolved at a rapid pace – and continue to evolve as we experience further advancements in technology.  

The days of consumers finding brands in-person or online are over. Now, they expect brands to find them in the spaces they prefer. Communication channels, automation, and personalization all play important roles in building experiences that drive loyalty and retention.  

We’ve entered the era of conversational everything – whether for marketing, support, or sales, customers want a conversation with a brand on the channels they already use. For customers, the benefits are clear. They get richer, more convenient, and more personalized experiences. Meanwhile, businesses and brands benefit from customer loyalty and ultimately stronger sales. 

In this report, we dive into the channel interactions that took place between businesses and their customers on our platform in 2022 and compared it to 2021 to identify trends in business communication. 
These findings serve to help you build your own winning conversational experience with the channels, tools, and technology that resonate most with today’s consumer. 

Ivan Ostojić

Chief Business Officer, Infobip

The business messaging landscape

Whether you want to reach your target audience with
personalized campaigns, use digital channels as your new
sales channel, or maintain customer loyalty with cost-effective
solutions – there’s a channel that best suits the ways you want
to connect with customers


increase in Voice interactions for customer engagement


increase in chatbot interactions on Google’s Business Messages


increase in Apple Messages for Business customer support interactions

Omnichannel leads to conversational adoption


of companies use more than one channel to communicate with customers


use SMS + WhatsApp


use Email + SMS

Omnichannel maturity  

Percentage of companies that have adopted more than one channel on our platform 


Banking and finance 


Retail and eCommerce 


Transportation and logistics 



Customer communication on a global scale

Still, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the right omnichannel strategy. Different channels are popular in different countries and regions. But although we’ve grown accustomed to this, we’ve recently seen high growth for specific channels in countries we wouldn’t normally expect.

An approach for B2B platforms


more RCS interactions in 2022 


more CPaaS traffic in 2022 


of platforms adopted an omnichannel approach

Platforms looking to gain a competitive advantage have been searching for ways to expand their core offerings – wanting to grow and move to new markets to meet client demand. Whether a platform is enabling businesses to help customers market, shop, or bank, businesses need to communicate with customers in an equally efficient way.

It’s time for brands to rethink their communication strategies, adopt new messaging channels, expand their offerings with new capabilities, and enter the conversational era to meet customers where they’re waiting for them. 

Adrian Benić

Chief Product Officer, Infobip

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