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What are the entry points for Google’s Business Messages?

Like majority of your customer communications, Google’s Business Messages too requires users to initiate the conversation, which is why having the right entry points is crucial. Entry points for Google’s Business Messages are various channels or platforms through which customers can initiate conversations using the Google Business Messages feature.

These entry points include Google Search, Google Maps, and participating business websites or apps. Customers can directly click on the messaging icon displayed in search results, business profiles on Google Maps, or on websites and apps to start communicating with the business.

What are the entry points for Google’s Business Messages?

So, where do you start the conversation from? Here are the different entry points for Google’s Business Messages:

1. Google Maps

One of the primary entry points for Google’s Business Messages is through Google Maps. When someone searches for your business on Maps, they can initiate a conversation by tapping on the “Message” button in the business listing. This provides a convenient way for customers to ask questions, schedule appointments, or inquire about your products or services.

2. Google Search

Another entry point for Business Messages is through Google Search. When a user searches for a specific business or related queries, they may see a message icon in the search results or on the business’s knowledge panel. By clicking on this icon, customers can start a conversation with your business directly from the search results page.

3. Website integration

If you have a website, you can integrate Google’s Business Messages directly into it, providing customers with another entry point for communication. By adding a chat widget to your website, visitors can initiate conversations and interact with your business in real-time.

4. Brand-managed entry points

As a business you can raise awareness about your Google’s Business Messages channel on digital properties that you manage or own. Brand-managed entry points enable conversations from embedded URLs, links, or websites, as well as chat widgets that you integrate with a website.

5. Google My Business

Lastly, Google My Business (GMB) is another entry point for Business Messages. GMB allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google, including their business listing, reviews, and now, Business Messages. By enabling Business Messages in your GMB account, customers can message your business directly from your listing on Google Search and Maps.

In conclusion, implementing Google’s Business Messages can greatly improve your customer service and communication. By leveraging the various entry points mentioned above, you can provide customers with multiple channels to connect with your business. Whether it’s through Google Maps, Search, Ads, your website, or Google My Business, be sure to explore and utilize these entry points to enhance your customer interactions.

Once a customer has initiated a conversation, it’s important to keep them engaged. And that’s where conversational design comes into play.