Choosing the right partner for Google’s Business Messages

Picking the perfect partner for diving into Google’s Business Messages is a big deal. You want someone who really knows the ropes and can guide you smoothly through the whole process. Your ideal partner should not only be a pro at this but also understand your specific industry and unique business quirks. Think of them as your technology BFF, ensuring everything gels perfectly with your existing systems.

Why Google’s Business Messages on Infobip

Expanded reach: Google’s Business Messages allows businesses to leverage their presence on Google Search and Maps, reaching a vast customer base. By integrating with Infobip, businesses can seamlessly manage and respond to customer queries from within their existing customer communication infrastructure. Along with that SMS via Infobip can be activated as a failover option. This consolidation of channels streamlines operations, ensuring efficient and timely responses.

Improved customer experience: With Google’s Business Messages and Infobip, businesses can provide a seamless customer experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Customers can easily connect with businesses through a channel they are already familiar with, simplifying the interaction process. Additionally, businesses can utilize Infobip’s advanced features, such as chatbots and automation, to deliver personalized and efficient customer service.

Real-time responses: By integrating Google’s Business Messages on Infobip, businesses can respond to customer inquiries promptly. Infobip’s robust chatbot building platform Answers, can help create simple rule-based or AI chatbots to ensure always-on engagement.

Data-driven insights: Infobip’s analytics and reporting capabilities on our customer data platform People provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By integrating Google’s Business Messages, businesses can gather data on customer interactions and leverage these insights to enhance their marketing strategies and improve customer engagement.

Enhanced marketing opportunities: Google’s Business Messages allows businesses to incorporate promotional messages directly within the conversation with customers. By integrating with Infobip, businesses can create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, maximizing the impact of their messages and driving conversions with our customer engagement solution Moments.

Easy agent transfer: With Google’s Business Messages over Infobip you can be assured of a seamless agent handoff with our contact center solution Conversations. If the chatbot is stuck or your customer would prefer speaking with a human colleague, an agent will always be on hand.


Time to get started with Google’s Business Messages

The integration of Google’s Business Messages on Infobip presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses to enhance their customer engagement strategies. From expanded reach and improved customer experiences to real-time responses and data-driven insights, this combination empowers businesses to effectively connect with their customers while streamlining operations. With the ever-increasing importance of digital communication, embracing Google’s Business Messages on Infobip is a step towards staying ahead in the competitive landscape and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Combine the power of Google with Infobip solutions to deliver the conversational experience your customers expect. Connect with customers on their favorite search engine and start using Google’s Business Messages through Infobip.