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Hello to the New Infobip Visual Identity

Hello to the New Infobip Visual Identity

Our new visual identity aims to emphasize the vital roles Infobip is playing in the global communication ecosystem.

Today we are celebrating our first decade of exhibiting at MWC. We couldn’t have wished for a better location, so vital to our success, to showcase our new visual identity than Barcelona.

Little did we know how much Infobip and the world of communications would evolve over these past years. A small tech startup turned into a global leader in omnichannel engagement in 12 short years, powering the broadest range of communication channels, engagement tools, and technologically advanced authentication and security solutions, over one, single interface on a scalable and easy to use cloud-based communications platform.  

Technological development moves unbelievably fast in this day and age, especially with information and communications technologies – the communication landscape is exploding in multiple directions at once. As platforms mature, new and existing technologies combine, evolve, and commingle to form new opportunities. Even for seasoned veterans, keeping up with it all can be a challenge. 

Over the years, Infobip has developed the most in-depth and richest global end-to-end solution to manage the complexity of communication between businesses and their customers and to shape the future of customer experience together with our clients and partners. 

Now, the time has come for this evolution to be reflected in the evolution of our visual identity.

We believe Infobip deserves a holistic brand that’s instantly recognizable, works around the world, and is efficient to execute. 

The Infobip Brand Story

Built from numerous stakeholder input from across the company and tested on the ground, our new visual identity aims to emphasize the vital roles Infobip is playing in the global communication ecosystem. 

We are The Catalyst for the business success of our partners, providing solutions to create value for their customers anywhere and anytime. Also, we are The Simplifier, simplifying the complexity of global messaging, enabling clients to effortlessly reach their customers, in-line with all the local regulations, in a personalized way. 


Our in-house design team, together with the team from Fabular agency that developed the new Infobip logotype, worked to create a new visual identity – one that reflects our broad portfolio of solutions and tools, our communication platform as the core of Infobip and our global presence: all in a fresh and engaging way.   

This rebranding will include a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, a visual redesign of our products and solutions, a new logotype and wordmark, the new brand claim, and a fresh tone of voice to convey our high-tech solutions in an easy-to-understand way.   

The New Infobip Logo

And today, we are starting with the new logotype and new claim. We will not overwhelm you with all the design details of the new symbol itself but just state the basics: with the Infobip platform at the core, we provide the broadest portfolio of messaging solutions to our clients on six continents, enabling their business growth.


Our new brand claim: Worlds Connected, reflects not only our vision to connect the physical worlds supported by our global presence and local reach, but also connect all the different “worlds” of communication channels, empowering our clients to deliver memorable customer experiences. 

Our brand color, the Infobip Orange, will keep its iconic role, as it provides a strong visual link to our brand identity, but an extended color palette has been introduced to highlight our product stacks and other key elements further.

The tone of voice focuses on the mindset we share with our clients and partners: it will reflect our belief in putting the customer at the center of everything we do. 

What’s next

Over the next few months, you’ll be able to see all the visuals around the new Infobip brand gradually align around this new creative direction, following our goal to establish a holistic brand, with consistency and recognition in all touchpoints, through all channels, worldwide. 

Exciting times are ahead!  Stay tuned for more.  

Marketing Director