3 tips to build meaningful customer connections this Valentine’s Day

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Razan Saleh

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Valentine’s day is one of the most popular occasions for online shoppers. Especially for those who are purchasing gifts last minute. It involves helping customers find the perfect gift through product analytics mixed with personalized marketing. But the methods you choose to communicate with them shouldn’t have to be tied to a transaction. Instead, focus on creating a memorable and game-changing customer experience that results in satisfaction.

So why not take advantage of this love-based holiday to show customers you care? Here are three simple tips to help you streamline your CX, build meaningful connections, and drive consumer loyalty.

Simplify the customer journey with omnichannel CX

Valentine’s day is often associated with a perfect conversation over a romantic dinner, but reality reminds us that the perfect experience is rare. Sending a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates is the perfect “I love you” gift. But what if the customer faces an unexpected issue with delivery? Are you available to solve their problem instantly?

As a retailer, you should consider an “omnichannel” approach to address this shift in consumer demands. Instead of focusing on selling to customers, develop an experience they can buy into – one that provides convenience and goes beyond the screen and into the actual world.

With an Omnichannel communication strategy, brands can personalize their customer engagement by communicating via several modern channels like SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, and several other messaging apps. This ensures that customers are engaged and supported at different touchpoints and through a single platform.

Setting the mood: Introduce automation for 24/7 support

Changing how your company manages external communication and support is the first step towards a truly holistic approach to customer engagement. An omnichannel platform can provide strategic support to help you streamline your CX and digitalize your workforce and processes.

Take a step back and put yourself in the customer’s shoes; what would you want to happen when you realize that your flowers will not be delivered on time? Most people look for the following three elements of effective customer service:

  • instant and fast responses
  • quick resolutions
  • knowledgeable service agents

Integrating a cloud contact center with an AI chatbot will help your agents by offloading simple FAQs and automating support to handle more queries. Using chatbots and introducing self-service options eliminates friction, helps improve your overall contact center metrics, and gives customers a quick response and shorter time to resolution.

Utilize data to segment your audience

We’re living in a world where meeting customer expectations at every step of the journey is not only about adopting new technology or adding new channels. Today’s customers expect a smooth and personalized experience tailored to their needs and interests. While they’re still concerned about the quality of the product they’re purchasing; they’re now more interested in building a deeper connection with the brand itself.

Retailers need to look into additional tools such as a customer engagement hub to plot personalized journeys through targeted marketing campaigns based on customer segments, behaviors, and demands. Investing in an omnichannel customer engagement solution like Moments will help you gather information about your audience automatically and transform them into detailed customer profiles.

This, in turn, helps businesses leverage end-to-end customer data to segment properly and gain real-time insights into product usage, behavior, and channel preferences – resulting in more robust customer profiles and hyper-personalization.

Make your customers fall in love with your brand

Valentine’s day is one of the busiest shopping holidays of the year. To capitalize on this high-spending surge, businesses must develop a winning strategy to improve their customers’ digital experience and drive brand loyalty through meaningful connections.  

If you can effectively incorporate the tips mentioned above into a broader marketing campaign, you should gain a few new admirers. They might not send you chocolates or flowers, but they’ll give you something much more valuable—loyalty and repeat purchase.

Start Building Meaningful Customer Connections

Feb 8th, 2022
3 min read
Content Manager

Razan Saleh

Content Manager