Has your WhatsApp Business account been blocked?

Discover why your WhatsApp Business account gets blocked and learn effective steps to unblock it and learn how your small business can thrive by making the switch to WhatsApp Business Platform.

Ana Rukavina

As a small business, we know how valuable WhatsApp Business App is for connecting with your customers. But what if you wake up one day to find your account blocked? Don’t panic! We understand how frustrating it can be to have your WhatsApp Business account blocked.

But by understanding the reasons behind it, following the unblocking process, and adopting preventive measures, you can get your account up and running again. Remember, success lies in maintaining a genuine and engaging connection with your customers.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the reasons behind blocked WhatsApp Business accounts and guide you through the process of getting it unblocked.

Why could your WhatsApp Business account been blocked?

There are a few possible reasons that could lead to a blocked account.

1. Sending too many messages

Sending a large number of messages when trying to raise brand awareness, boost sales, and inform customers about new products over WhatsApp, could lead to a blocked account, especially if you are sending messages to contacts who aren’t on your contact lists or doing it using third-party software.

For example, with WhatsApp for Business, broadcast messages are limited to only 256 contacts. So, to send messages to more than 256 people, you’ll have to create and send multiple broadcasts. Even though you can create multiple broadcast messages, doing it often could result in a blocked account.

2. Spamming users

Generally, any high volume of outgoing messages simultaneously can trigger WhatsApp’s systems.

That includes sending advertising messages in bulk or manually, sending too many links, creating numerous groups, or adding contacts to different groups. WhatsApp can treat such messages as low-quality content and ban you.

3. Account reports

User blocking or reporting your number is never a good sign. If several users report your account for abuse, spam, or other violations, WhatsApp will see you as a risk and block your account.

This could happen if you send messages to users who haven’t opted-in to receive your message.

4. Violating WhatsApp’s terms of service

When using any app, but in this case, WhatsApp, you must follow their privacy policy. All communication within the platform is constantly managed and regulated to ensure the best user experience. Doing anything that doesn’t follow their guidelines could lead to a banned account.

For example, using an unofficial WhatsApp application risks users’ safety. These apps don’t have end-to-end encryption and may carry malware, steal data, or damage your and your users’ phones. There is no guarantee that your messages or data will be protected or private.

These are just some possible criteria for WhatsApp’s algorithms to determine that an account should be blocked. If your account is blocked, it is advisable to contact WhatsApp support for assistance and to resolve any underlying issues.

How can you unblock your WhatsApp Business account?

Account blocks can disrupt customer communications and lead to missed opportunities and potential sales. This disruption in communication can prevent you from addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and providing support.

Potential buyers might see this as unprofessional and seek other alternatives. In turn, this could impact your profits, customer relations, and brand loyalty.

To unblock your account, you would need to contact WhatsApp but in addition follow the below four steps:

  1. Determine the cause: Reflect on your recent activities and identify any potential policy violations or unusual behavior. Understanding the root cause will help you take appropriate action.
  2. Contact WhatsApp Support: Reach out to WhatsApp’s support team to explain the situation and request an unblock. Be sure to provide relevant details, including your business information and any evidence that supports your case.
  3. Correct your mistakes: If you realize that your actions might have violated WhatsApp’s policies, rectify the situation immediately. Show WhatsApp that you understand the guidelines and are committed to following them.
  4. Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and account unblocks can take time too. While waiting for a response, avoid creating new accounts or engaging in further violations.

Preventing future blocks

However, as they say, prevention is the best medicine.

To keep your WhatsApp Business account safe and sound, imagine if you could handover the task of sticking to guidelines, maintaining account hygiene, monitoring activity, scaling conversations and keeping your account up and running, in an automated, almost clockwork-like fashion.

Sounds efficient, productive, and hassle-free, doesn’t it? And to top it all, it gives you the benefit to scale and grow your business.

Well, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to WhatsApp Business Platform.

Upgrading to WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to create a professional presence with access to advanced features:

  • Messaging statistics: WhatsApp Business Platform offers metric tracking, such as engagement or delivery reports for evaluating marketing efforts, which could be the key to managing your business growth.
  • Collecting opt-ins: Customers must opt-in to receive your messages, which helps reduce spam messages.
  • Verifying your account: You can apply for a green tick on WhatsApp to establish a trustworthy presence on the platform.
  • Rich features: On the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can make use of list messages, quick replies, product catalogs, repeat orders, and secure file sharing to enhance your customer engagement while maintaining compliance.

For businesses outgrowing the capabilities of WhatsApp for Business and running the risk of getting blocked, the best option would be to upgrade to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp for Business builds on features of the “regular” WhatsApp app we all use. It is a great starting point for small businesses to raise brand awareness and reach customers.

But the WhatsApp Business Platform can offer you a new level of communication with more advanced features, such as chatbots, message templates, payment collection, and more.

Why upgrade to WhatsApp Business Platform?

While the WhatsApp Business App offers great value for small businesses who are starting out, upgrading to the WhatsApp Business Platform takes your business capabilities to a whole new level. Here’s why you should consider making the switch:

Ability to handle increased volumes:

Getting your WhatsApp for Business account blocked could happen because you have outgrown it, and upgrading to the WhatsApp Business Platform may seem like a big scary step, but we can help.

WhatsApp for Business has limitations in handling large volumes of customer interactions, and too much activity can trigger WhatsApp’s algorithms. On the other hand, the WhatsApp Business Platform is designed to effectively handle large numbers of messages, inquiries, and interactions.

Staying compliant:

The WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to obtain explicit consent from customers before sending them messages. Customers have control over the messages they receive, reducing the possibility of blocking or reporting your account.

Infobip is an official WhatsApp Business Solution provider that can help you avoid activities that can get you blocked.

Blocking of your account won’t happen if you follow our in-depth documentation and guidelines with instructions to prevent spam-like behavior and encourage business growth.

And for any questions you may have, you can reach out to our support teams, which are available 24/7.

Gaining multiple-user access:

One user sending a high volume of messages and their predictable communication patterns can trigger WhatsApp’s anti-spam algorithms that detect spam and suspicious activity.

But, with multiple-user access, you can distribute the workload between team members with different response styles and avoid getting blocked.

Also, creating unique customer experiences can help you build trust, engagement, and a brand reputation. This can reduce customers’ likelihood of considering your messages spam and reporting or blocking your account.

By leveraging multiple-user access on the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can distribute workload, improve response times, and adhere to compliance policies. All this can reduce the risk of suspicious behavior and help avoid getting your account blocked.


As your business grows, so does your need for efficient customer communication. WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to manage a higher volume of messages, access advanced automation tools, and integrate with third-party systems.

It empowers you to handle more customers seamlessly, ensuring that your business can scale without limitations.

Enhanced features:

WhatsApp Business Platform provides access to exclusive features not available in the app version. You gain advanced messaging options like chatbots for automated responses, message templates for quick and consistent communication, and even the ability to send proactive notifications.

These features help streamline your customer interactions and provide a more personalized experience.

Analytics and insights:

Understanding your customers’ preferences and behaviors is crucial for making informed business decisions. With WhatsApp Business Platform, you gain access to detailed analytics and insights.

You can measure engagement, track message performance, and derive valuable data to optimize your marketing strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

Professional presence:

WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to create a more professional presence for your brand. You can verify your account to display a green checkmark, indicating to customers that they are interacting with a legitimate and trusted business.

This credibility boosts customer confidence and fosters stronger relationships.

Integration possibilities:

Integrating WhatsApp Business Platform with your existing business systems opens up a world of possibilities. You can integrate it with your CRM software, eCommerce platforms, or customer support tools, enabling seamless data exchange and streamlined workflows.

This integration empowers you to provide a cohesive and efficient customer experience across various touchpoints.

How to start with WhatsApp Business Platform? (you ask)

To start with WhatsApp Business Platform, you can sign up for free directly to our user-friendly no-code platform.

Using the WhatsApp Business Platform with Infobip can offer you support and security as we do not allow the blocking of an account and help you remain compliant with WhatsApp’s regulations and the laws in your country. We can help you make the most of your WhatsApp account.

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