Stats Show Support Maintaining Excellence

Latest support stats show that we’re on the case in practically no time – it takes less than 50 seconds for a client request to get to the person who will handle it.

On average, only one and a half emails are sent before we resolve over 90% of requests, continuing to provide premium support services to clients around the world.

In less than 40 minutes the problem no longer exists. Support tickets are rarely re-opened; in over 95% of cases, the issues are solved for good.

The department has diversified further throughout last year. Specialized enterprise and mobile payments support teams were formed, as well as the teams that handle end-user, push notifications and SS7 support requests.

Versed in 10 languages, the department boasts dozens of talented engineers, and has a close-knit relationship with the Development department. Constant training and education add to their outstanding capabilities, as does the internal quality and client satisfaction monitoring system which was put in place last year.

Mar 4th, 2014
1 min read