SMS Aggregators: Get the Messaging Spam and Traffic Insights You Need

indigo Insights, the new data and reporting service powered by the indigo multi-channel messaging platform, is here.

We’re extremely excited to share it with our partner community – especially since many of the features of indigo Insights were designed with those mobile messaging providers in mind.

So here’s a quick introduction to indigo Insights, with a special tour of the Partner mobile messaging Insights package.

Out-of-the-box insights

There are three plans available, depending on the level of insight you’re looking for. The free version that everyone can access is Core.

Core gives you intuitive dashboards, reports and spam alerts. Analyze your customers’ traffic with the SMS volume dashboard and dig deeper with the country and success rate dashboard.

The mobile messaging spam dashboard gives you the insights and alerts you’re familiar with from the AT&T 7726 spam report. Use it to understand what’s happening on your short codes and receive alerts when something needs your attention.

Next-level insights

The Premium plan is where you can get more sophisticated with your insights. And the first package we’ve made available through this plan is the Partner Insights package.

Partner Insights, as the name suggests, is designed for the SMS providers we partner with – who might be handling traffic in the US for multiple brands.

With Partner Insights, you still get all the benefits of the Core plan, plus a deeper dive into your short codes, traffic patterns and risk factors.

The extra features include:

  • Daily word clouds – Showing the top 30 words per short code, so you can understand how it’s really being used.
  • URLs and brand mentions – So you know who you’re sharing the codes with, even if they only make a single appearance.
  • Campaign brief compliance checks – To make sure you and your customers are following the plan agreed with the carrier.
  • Prohibited word monitoring – To identify any prohibited or questionable language.
  • Enhanced data visualizations – When you want to get even smarter with your reports.

White-glove insights

Finally, there’s the Custom plan. This is the plan for you if you want to combine data elements or design custom dashboards or reports from scratch.

Our mobile messaging data experts are here to collaborate with your own experts, whether you want to tie your reports to specific business objectives or dig deeper into your engagement data.

So there you have it. Three plans, with a dedicated Partner Insights package available as part of our Premium plan. It’s currently available to our partners in the US (although the insights cover global traffic) – and we’re looking to expand the offer in the coming months.

Our goal as always with messaging data is to help you keep your customers’ messaging campaigns running smoothly and effectively.

We’re always working on enhancements to our insights offering, so you can minimize campaign disruption and non-compliance with carrier guidelines.

To learn more about indigo Insights for partners, head over to our page dedicated to mobile messaging insights for aggregators.

Jul 23rd, 2020
3 min read