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SMS Campaigns: Do It Easy, Do It Big

SMS Campaigns: Do It Easy, Do It Big

Running great SMS campaigns can be easy if you are using the right tools and Campaign Manager allows you to handle advanced aspects of an SMS marketing

Running great SMS campaigns can be easy if you use the right tools. With consumers shifting to mobile in a growing number of their everyday activities, targeting your audience through mobile is rapidly becoming a must. Infobip Portal allows you to handle advanced aspects of an SMS marketing campaign.

Track URL clicks

Send out shortened URLs and track who and when clicked on them. Use this knowledge for more precise targeting in your subsequent marketing efforts and make sure you only deliver what’s relevant and meaningful for your audience. You can also see the type of operating system the receiving phone is running on and use that to create a great user experience.

Add opt-in web widget

Convert your web visits into campaign opt-ins. Create a web widget in 3 simple steps and start collecting opt-ins from your website traffic. Change text and colours, upload your logo – the widget look and feel is easily managed through the wizard. Once you’re done, click Generate and you’ll get ready-made code to put into your site.

Use SMS or QR code call to action

TV, billboards, magazines and radio are great ways of promoting your campaign. You can also promote it over SMS, QR codes and social networks – these options are easily available through our Infobip Portal. Every campaign has extra call to action choices; just pick your campaign (keyword) and chose how you want it to be promoted. QR codes can be placed in social media promotions, on web sites, or they can be printed.