Goodera: Fulfilling volunteer opportunities using WhatsApp Business Platform


increase in participation rates


increase in event engagement


increase in new volunteer sign-ups


Goodera, a trusted and leading CSR and volunteering platform, was strategizing upon an improved volunteering experience and impactful engagement for its network of corporate volunteers.

Goodera’s domain knowledge in corporate giving, data-driven approach and proprietary technology which brings the key stakeholders together, provides corporates with an end-to-end solution to manage their employee volunteering program.

The Goodera Volunteer platform enables hyperlocal searches, matches opportunities with the interests on causes, time availability and skillsets of the volunteers onboarded, to enable them to choose the most relevant volunteering opportunity for them.

Two key issues that the platform aimed to solve was:

  1. Increase overall employee engagement in volunteering activities
  2. Acquire new volunteers motivated towards social impact

An important condition for scaling volunteering tendencies is having a continuous and time-relevant communication channel that motivates and informs the volunteers to perform the activity. To keep users updated, Goodera would use email notifications which had low open and read rates.

The company was looking for a more popular communication channel for its volunteer network that would increase volunteer engagement on the ground.


Implementing WhatsApp Business Platform to deliver engaging messages

Goodera was in search of an interactive communication channel which would allow them to engage with their audience on a real-time basis while giving a high delivery rate. They approached Infobip to come up with a solution that would address their requirement. Infobip’s technical expertise, quick response rate, secure interface and ease of integration made them an ideal partner for Goodera’s platform.

Goodera adopted the Whatsapp Business Platform through Infobip as a communication channel to reach out to its network of volunteers.

A chatbot was implemented using WhatsApp Business Platform powered by Infobip to communicate with their volunteers in an engaging way. Being one of the most popular and fastest-growing channels in India, WhatsApp also allowed two-way communication between Goodera’s chatbot and volunteers.

The WhatsApp Business Platform powered Goodera with a channel that allowed them to:

  1. Send and receive rich media messages – with images and videos to capture on-ground volunteering activities. 
  2. Create a smooth onboarding process by enabling volunteers to scan a QR code and register for upcoming volunteering opportunities directly via WhatsApp 
  3. Share important notifications such as activity, precise google maps location when volunteering in remote areas, and contact details of event organizers for easy coordination. 
  4. Collect feedback and ratings. 

Through the WhatsApp Business API, Goodera was able to seamlessly interact with volunteers in a secure way, thereby increasing customer engagement and participation.


An increase in event engagement, volunteer sign-ups, and participation rates

Using Infobip’s platform and WhatsApp’s reach, Goodera has been able to serve 88% of its customer base and has successfully upsold to 20% of its existing clients through relevant communication.

Since implementing WhatsApp Business Platform, Goodera’s Volunteer Bot over the chat app has assisted 40,000 employees over 13,000+ volunteering events across various companies in 27 states in India that have brought about a 35% increase in overall volunteering hours contributed by the Goodera network towards social causes.

As a result, using the popular communication channel has led to a:

  • 60% decrease in email queries 
  • 1.85x increase in participation rates 
  • 2.5x increase in event engagement 
  • 1.3x increase in new volunteer sign-ups 
  • 1.9x increase in activity ratings and feedback 
  • 2.8x higher open rates in comparison to email 

While the primary objective of implementing Whatsapp Business API was met with an increase in volunteer engagement rates among Goodera’s clients, it also caused a ripple effect with overall volunteering experience rating increasing by 15%.

Implementing Whatsapp Business Platform made the Goodera Volunteering experience seamless, convenient and accessible for the volunteers in the network. The implementation enabled Goodera to acquire new volunteers, and improved participation of existing ones, thereby amplifying overall social impact. Goodera aims to continue experimenting with its communication channels for an elevated experience for its network of volunteers.

Implementing WhatsApp Business Platform through Infobip has improved our business tremendously. Our messages get delivered, opened, and read easily. Using WhatsApp to communicate with users has increased engagement and participation all around. This will help us keep moving towards spreading corporate goodness throughout. We look forward to introducing more channels in the future.

Abhishek Humbad

Founder and CEO

Customer Profile


Goodera is a technology platform that makes Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Volunteering and Donation efforts transparent, measurable and impactful. Used globally by corporations, nonprofits and foundations, Goodera simplifies CSR, volunteering, and sustainability by automating processes, managing real-time data and facilitating close collaborations with nonprofits. With program health reports available at the click of a button, Goodera enables companies to showcase quantified impact to key stakeholders: customers, employees, and investors. Goodera is currently deployed by 200 clients — including Target, Gap, Dell, Amazon and P&G – and engaging 1 million + employee volunteers to 40,000+ nonprofits across 90+ countries across the globe. Managing over $500 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources. Goodera’s social and environmental impact reports are used for internal progress tracking and in ESG reporting to investors, analysts and corporate boards.