MMDSmart: 4.5x revenue growth with SMS and Number Lookup


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Inconsistent connection quality in key markets

MMDSmart, a messaging solution provider for global telcos and enterprises, relies on high quality connectivity especially for delivering one-time PINs (OTP) sent via SMS to verify, validate, and enable account access.

Businesses expect their messaging providers to deliver OTPs as quickly and as reliably as possible, usually within 10 seconds, as delays in the account activation process can lead to a loss of customer interest and/ or account activity. Delivering these messages over indirect SMS connections can result in sluggish delivery times and lower delivery rates, which can negatively impact customer satisfaction, sign-ups, and conversions, and can result in churn.

Sending this already business critical traffic across international borders adds additional complexity, so, SMS providers need to be able to quickly troubleshoot any potential issues. MMDSmart already worked with a lot of partners, but not all of them had the stable routes suitable for OTP traffic.  In cases like this, providers like MMDSmart risk spending too much time and resources monitoring and optimizing SMS routes, instead of working on growing their business.

They needed a reliable CPaaS with low-latency SMS routes and high delivery rates in key markets, as well as reliable, and responsive customer support to quickly resolve any issues.

This level of service is usually only attainable from providers who have direct operator connections and SMS connectivity.


Direct SMS connections from Infobip and Number Lookup

MMDSmart was already using Infobip’s SMS services alongside other providers. However, our 800+ direct operator connections ensured higher delivery rates and cleaner routes, which made it an optimal choice for sending OTPs over the channel.

They began moving some OTP traffic over to destinations where they didn’t have access to direct SMS connections. This provided their customers with the sort of stability and reliability OTP over SMS requires.

In addition to direct SMS connections, MMDSmart began using Infobip’s Number Lookup. Number Lookup checks the live status of mobile numbers against operator records and lets users know which numbers are available or unavailable. Clients can then remove any invalid numbers from their loyalty clubs and databases before launching campaigns. This improves campaign ROI by targeting only available customers.

Lastly, Infobip’s support was on hand whenever there were quality or delivery issues. With InfoBip’s responsive support, MMDSmart could extend the excellent technical support that MMDSmart customers have come to expect from it.


4.5x revenue increase in key markets and 5x traffic boost

Moving OTP traffic to Infobip increased the stability and reliability of A2P traffic. Confidence in the operational stability enabled the MMDSmart team to focus on growing their business by increasing the amount of traffic they were sending.

In fact, MMDSmart recorded a 5x traffic spike in some key strategic destinations by just using Infobip SMS for OTP deliveries.

Thanks to Infobip’s 800+ direct connections to operators, MMDSmart was able to reach some countries where they didn’t have zero-hop connections.

This improved SMS connectivity allowed MMDSmart to offer their customers better connections, helping MMDSmart to provide an even better service.

Thanks to Infobip, MMDSmart has additional direct connections to local operators in 40 countries worldwide and clean customer databases in more than 100 countries.

The two main benefits of working with Infobip were:

  1. Business growth: Instead of spending time and resources on monitoring and managing connections from other providers, MMDSmart could rely on Infobip to get good service, freeing up resources to focus on growing the business.
  2. Revenue growth: In some key strategic destinations, MMDSmart recorded 4.5x revenue growth.

Thanks to Infobip, MMDSmart was able to grow their OTP business and associated revenue, improving quality of service towards their customers while also providing value-added services with Number Lookup.

We work with other SMS suppliers, but not all can provide us with quality connections like Infobip.
While working with a lot of other partners, we need to allocate resources on monitoring the quality and fixing issues. And this means that we can’t focus on growth. But with Infobip, good, reliable quality service means that our team can focus on growing the business. The other benefit was that in some important strategic destinations, our revenue growth has been 4.5x. We’re not talking about doubling; we’re talking about more than four times greater revenue growth.
The Number Lookup service is amongst the best and Infobip has become one of our primary providers in this area.
As for support, we only need it when there are quality or delivery issues. Support is very responsive, and we get answers quickly. With this level of support, we can get back to our customers quickly, and this is important because we pride ourselves on giving a high level of support to our customers.”

Volodymyr Honcharenko

Head of Sales, SMS Department, MMDSmart

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