RCS adoption in the UK and globally, facts and figures behind this technology, current usage and trends - this is what UK RCS Workshop by Mobilesquared aims to tackle on Thursday, 18th October in London. Infobip’s Program Manager Zeljko Bak will give a presentation, together with leading industry analysts and global experts on RCS technology.

UK-based research company Mobilesquared is hosting the workshop in partnership with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum UK (MEF) and the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK), to educate brands and enterprises on RCS.

According to Gavin Patterson, their chief analyst, there were around 80 million active RCS users around the world at the end of last year. This is expected to rise to about 275 million this year and one billion by the end of 2019.

Interested in learning more? Brands and advertisers can register to attend free of charge, and get the latest insight into different aspects of RCS, which could rock customer communications in the upcoming years.

When and how to add RCS into digital products, communications and workflows? Who can provide technology and integration? How do you fit RCS with other communication channels you may already be using? Will you be able to implement failover scenarios around it, create intelligent flows, and orchestrate it? Time is right to start learning and experimenting with RCS, and get an edge in any future developments.

Presentations and panels will start at 1PM, with networking drinks scheduled for 6PM, all in the beautiful IAB Events and Education Space, Covent Garden. Our Kevin Britt, Sue Cullip and Nikhil Shoorji will attend as well – looking forward to meeting you there!

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