Published on: 12/Nov/2018

Challenging the Perceptions: RCS Perspectives from Non-Telco Executives

University College London is a world-leading research university, consistently ranked amongst the top 20 worldwide. Since its foundation in 1826, UCL has been an intellectual hub associated with 29 Nobel laureates who have either studied or worked at the institution. Some of the notable UCL alumni include the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, co-discoverer of DNA structure Francis Crick, Mahatma Gandhi and rock band Coldplay.

Recently, Infobip's SVP Matija Razem gave an invited contribution on the Strategic Management of Projects MSc program in the UCL’s Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, a worldwide center of excellence for teaching and research on the management and economics of projects, a key area for innovation in the telecommunications and cloud services provision. The lecture was organized through Infobip collaborator, UCL lecturer Vedran Zerjav, whose research and teaching tackles strategic and operational aspects of project organizing, mainly in the domain of innovating public infrastructure provision.

Program attendees are mid-career management practitioners from a variety of sectors covering built environment infrastructure, automotive, finance, consulting, public sector government agencies to name a few. Mr. Razem’s lecture was covering the inception, development and corporate growth of Infobip as a company focusing on projects to deliver new business models and technologies currently developed.

The presentation was followed with a workshop where the participants were introduced to RCS, currently the hottest topic in telecommunications, but one that lacks wider awareness among non-telco professionals and mobile users. The aim of the workshop was to explore the potential of RCS and come up with solutions to the issues facing RCS – fragmented ecosystem, adoption rates, pricing models and brand engagement. Mr. Razem shared Infobip’s experience in approaching RCS-related opportunities and challenges with the group.

The challenge section of the lecture was the key ingredient for the success of the lecture. The overall response of the participants was very engaging and generated an enthusiastic discussion which was highly valuable to Infobip as well. As Mr. Razem put it,

“The discussion with people from industries different from our own is definitely an eye-opener when it comes to some details that are not obvious to us from the start. Using collective brain power to generate new ideas and views in this way is new for us and I’m sure we’ll do this again soon.”

The lecture was a part of the collaboration between Infobip and UCL. Infobip employees from 6 different departments took part in a study on knowledge management in project-based ICT firms as part of an MSc dissertation research. We’re optimistic that this marks the beginning of a productive and long-lasting cooperation between University College London and Infobip.

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