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SMS reminders
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SMS reminder workflow

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Your business can rest assured that all text message reminders get the visibility they need, at scale, over a secure channel.

Send text reminders to anyone, anywhere and at any time over the Infobip platform with automated workflows designed for your business needs.

With speed of delivery, global reach, and local compliancy on your side, your SMS reminders won’t get lost in the mix of other business messages.

When to send SMS reminders?

SMS reminders should be scheduled to reach the right customers at the right moment.

Depending on your industry, clients, and the types of reminders you send – the time to send reminders will vary. Using real-time analytics, we can help your business find the perfect moment to send an array of reminder text messages.

SMS reminders for every industry vertical

Healthcare reminders
Retail reminders
Travel reminders
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SMS reminders: a cost-effective and simple solution

SMS is the cost-effective and simple solution for small to medium businesses to keep engagement up and customer satisfaction growing. SMS is used world-wide on every mobile device, so you know your customers will get the reminders they need on time.

Depending on your industry, clients, and the types of reminders you send- the time to send reminders will vary. Using real-time analytics, we can help your business find the perfect moment to send an array of reminder text messages

Ideal for any small or medium business use cases

  • Birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions for event planners or caterers
  • RSVP reminders for event planners
  • Meeting or appointment reminders for bridal salons, beauty salons and mechanics
  • Contract renewal reminders for gyms, insurance companies or community centers
  • Check-up reminders for mechanics or small clinics

Why you should send SMS reminders

Adding SMS reminders to your communication strategy will help you streamline processes with simple integration and automation while improving engagement.

Simple to automate

SMS reminders are simple to create. Based on your preference, use no-code or low-code APIs to create SMS reminders that your customers are guaranteed to see.

Re-engage customers

SMS reminders are a great way to re-engage customers. At any stage of the customer journey, you can keep your customers updated by reminding them of your services, appointments, deadlines, and anything else that will prompt them to engage with your brand.

Build customer loyalty

Show your customers you care by sending meaningful reminders at just the right moment. When customers know they can rely on your brand, their loyalty grows. Building your brand persona and reputation has never been easier with reliable and dependable SMS reminders.

Easy integration

Integrate our SMS service into any existing communication stack instantly. You can start crafting and sending SMS reminders on a single platform and receive 24/7 integration support to ensure your customers never miss a reminder.

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What you need to
send SMS reminders

All you really need is your customers’ phone number.
But to elevate your messages with automation and personalization, you’ll also need our solutions.

Customer Data Platform

The more you know about your customers the better. With a customer data platform you can create detailed customer profiles to learn which reminders to send to which customers. All your customer data can be stored in one place, allowing you to have easy access to important information that will help build an effective communication strategy.

Customers can receive personalized birthday reminders, event reminders, payment reminders and much more. This will help build a stronger connection with your customers, develop trust and customer loyalty all with the help of simple SMS.

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Customer Engagement Solution

With a customer engagement solution, you can create efficient workflows with event-triggered reminders that will ensure you never miss a beat. Easy-to-use and simple to optimize, our customer engagement solution will take data from customer profiles to ensure the right people are getting the right reminder text messages at the right time.

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Two-way communication

Allow your customers to quickly respond to reminder messages and get access to customer support through SMS. If customers need to change an appointment, confirm a payment, or have any questions about their reminder messages they can simply reply to your SMS and get fast support from a live agent or chatbot.

SMS as a fallback channel

SMS can be added to any channel mix in any communication stack. If you use another channel as your primary means of sending reminders, add SMS as a fallback channel to ensure your customers always get the reminders they rely on.

If another channel cannot successfully deliver reminder messages due to lost signals or unavailable data connections, SMS will ensure that your customer receives the reminder text without any additional complications.

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Scale as you grow

We want to see your business succeed. That’s why our platform and CX team will support your business goals and ensure that you can reach all your customers anywhere in the world. As your customer base grows, so will your ability to send scalable reminder messages to any audience.

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