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SMS Campaigns Over Email: Flash SMS & Multiple Sender Handling

SMS Campaigns Over Email: Flash SMS & Multiple Sender Handling

Use your own familiar email environment to send SMS campaigns with multiple brand IDs and Flash SMS!

Use your own familiar email client – any one you prefer – to perform SMS marketing campaigns with multiple sender IDs and flash SMS functionalities, made possible by our EmailToSMS service.

Easy to implement, the service enables you to send SMS campaigns directly from your email client, with no hassle or need to learn new tools and technologies. Uploading your contacts is as easy as attaching an excel spreadsheet – because that’s all you actually need to do. 

Next to the existing list of features, these are the latest improvements that we’ve come up with:

Manage senders: Different brands and product lines

Are you running different campaigns for different brands or product lines? Now, our EmailToSMS enables you to easily handle multiple brand campaigns, even if they involve using different sender IDs. You can easily change between your alphanumeric senders, set up your message from a familiar email interface and send efficient SMS campaigns. The feature is particularly useful for large companies that manage several brands and loyalty programs, and therefore need to use different sender IDs.

Once your sender IDs are registered, change the campaign sender by simply changing the email subject or email title. This way, all the SMS messages originating from that particular email will be delivered to mobile phones with the sender indicated in those fields.

Flash SMS functionality

Deliver pop up Flash messages that appear directly on your consumer’s mobile phone screen. Once received, they are not stored to the SMS inbox which opens quite some space for elaborate loyalty programs that aim at deeper engagement and excitement of loyal consumers of a brand. If you’re not inclined to use specialized SMS tools to do this, EmailToSMS will do the trick, allowing you to deliver such SMS messages from your familiar email client – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc.

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