Reflect: Increases in-app activity with omnichannel customer engagement


increase in in-app activity

<30 sec

average response time


Limited capabilities to enhance customer engagement

When the first neobank in Jordan, Reflect, grew exponentially upon launch, thousands of millennials chose to take their banking experience digitally.

As a result, Reflect took the opportunity to position itself as a leader in this industry, building awareness on the benefits of neobanks and identifying solutions to help boost the number of monthly active users (MAU) while ensuring continuity of in-app usage after onboarding.

While offering many benefits and an enhanced user experience, Reflect wanted to promote higher engagement rates on the application, using the app’s features such as payments, savings, and personalized offers.

To capture their customer’s attention, Reflect knew they needed a connected cloud communication solution that offers a seamless omnichannel experience based on the customer’s preferred online channels and promotes their app in an impactful manner.


Creating omnichannel engagement experiences for today’s digital clients

Reflect joined Infobip to brainstorm innovative CX ideas and boost customer engagement levels. Taking the customer from awareness to conversion – our local team empowered Reflect to create an end-to-end customer engagement journey with:

  • Answers: our fully-encompassed chatbot building platform to deploy a highly customized chatbot over WhatsApp Business.
  • Conversations: our digital-first contact center to provide proactive customer care with real-time messaging and allow customers to contact agents on their favorite channels effortlessly.
  • Moments: our omnichannel customer engagement solution to set up the flows, automate marketing campaigns, and send tailored messages at the right time based on the customer’s behavior.


10% increase in app engagement

The results were clear – Infobip’s omnichannel customer engagement solutions provided a dynamically engaging experience while improving conversion rates, customer engagement, and support.

Reflect saw a 10% increase in their customers’ in app activity since adopting the solutions.

Additionally, the neobank was able to provide a response time of less than 30 seconds through the virtual customer service center on WhatsApp.

Using Answers enabled them to respond quickly and efficiently to simple FAQs through an AI Chatbot while transferring customers’ requests to live agents with Conversations; resulting in improved resolution time.

As forerunners in digital transformation, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative products to help create seamless customer experiences for our customers that will further enhance Reflect’s digital banking experience. To achieve this, we wanted solutions that offer an omnichannel experience and smart engagement tools that would positively impact our ROI and increase customer satisfaction, which is why we chose Infobip.

Faisal Al-Bitar

Head of Fintech & Acceleration