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Simplifying the Global Complexity of Communication

Create experiences customers value to securely engage, convert, support and retain them.

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Create Memorable Customer Experiences

Solutions refined over 12 years and 40,000 customers, blending customer experience, technology and data.

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Your business. Just more of it.

Increase your solutions portfolio with the Infobip CPaaS and CCaaS solution. Benefit from the added value brought by our communication platform for enterprise customer engagement, authentication, and security. Amplify your customer’s digital transformation journey with Infobip.

Maximize your revenue with Infobip

We are a trusted partner in expanding business messaging, bringing new revenue and building enterprise relationships with top-notch customer experience.

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Telecom solutions
Get better by example and experience

Real-world Insights, events and case studies to learn and adapt to your needs.


Always Be Available to Support Your Customers With Chatbots

Deploy AI or keyword chatbots that use the world’s most popular communication channels and provide faster customer support at a lower cost. 

Smarter Support at a Lower Cost

Scale your business while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Support your customers by using a chatbot over their favorite communication channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Live Chat, SMS, RCS, and, Google Business Messages (early access) from a single platform.

A Chatbot Building Platform That Meets Your Business Needs 

Provide Instant
Customer Support at Scale

  • Lower Costs

    Support more customers with the same number of agents over chat apps as a cost-effective solution. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

    Increase customer satisfaction by instantly replying to customers and improving first contact resolution.  

  • Always-on Support

    Be there for customers 24/7 on their preferred channels, and simultaneously handle more queries at once.  

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meet Omnia.

Infobip’s AI chatbot that was built, tested, and deployed via Answers.

Add + 447860064511 to your contacts list and send a message saying ˝Hi˝ over WhatsApp or try scanning the QR code. The rest is easy to follow.


  • Drag and drop code-free interface

    Build custom conversations that cover all customer intents and dialogue scenarios with the Answers web interface – no coding required. 

  • Seamless agent takeover

    Transition from chatbot to agent by integrating Answers with our cloud contact center solution, Conversations, and retain full conversation history and context across all touchpoints. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Create conversational experiences by using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that recognizes customer intent. 

  • Omnichannel deployment

    Connect with customers over the channels they prefer such as WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, SMS, Live chat and Facebook Messenger.

The Infobip Advantage

  • Integrate with Conversations

    Get your contact center up and running in the cloud within 24 hours – and start free for 60 days – when you use Answers through our cloud contact center solution. Resolve complex customer queries with seamless agent takeover to ensure continuity and maintain high customer satisfaction.

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  • Local support from trained professionals

    Build chatbots with the assistance of professionals who are trained to assist you for any use case in any industry. 

  • Leading CPaaS solutions

    Work with the experts powering the global communication platform that helps businesses build better customer experiences across all channels over a single web interface.

  • Answers

    Build chatbots that talk to your customers over the most popular channels in the world

    From 349€ for 5.000 Monthly Active Sessions*

    • Build your chatbot with drag and drop builder
    • Have agents takeover seamlessly for more detailed support
    • Easily deploy chatbots on any channel
    • Enable seamless agent takeover when necessary
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