Mobile Identity

Better Security with Hassle-free Verification for Your Customers

Protect online transactions for customer-facing apps with the ultimate authentication layer.

Data-driven protection that doesn’t compromise on user experience.

Increase user adoption and satisfaction without sacrificing security.

Improve UX

Improve UX

Seamlessly authenticate customer identity in the background. Mobile identity verification working discreetly, without impacting customer flows.

Gain New Information About Customers

Gain new information about customers

Leverage data intelligence in real-time to securely verify user profiles, devices, and location attributes without breaching privacy laws.

Boost Security and Conversion Rates

Boost security and conversion rates

Securely reduce the steps needed for providing account access and offer easy transaction completion.

Receive Identity Assurance

Receive identity assurance

Weed out the bots and fraudsters and focus on acquiring real customers. Businesses can now detect false user account sign-ups to prevent potential fraud.

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant

Performing ongoing user verifications helps you meet Telecom Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements.

Ensure Security Throughout the Customer Journey

Mobile Identity verification combined with ongoing phone number data matching helps you identify and verify during account sign-up and throughout the customer journey. Each request or transaction now ensures interaction with the same customer, and that the phone number hasn't been deactivated or transferred to another person.

Mobile Identity flow
  • Mobile number verification
  • Mobile account type verification
  • Name and address verification
  • Mobile number location checks
  • Mobile account status verification
  • Mobile account activation date verification