Create Moments of Human Connection

Do you make every customer moment count? Are you always there for your customers in the right moment and on the right channel? Do you never miss an opportunity to wow them?

There are not many businesses that can truly answer yes to all of the above. But by answering no, you’ve already alienated much of your customer base. And even for businesses that have already invested in a variety of digital channels – this isn’t always enough. Using different channels to target your customers is one thing but making sure that your communications are effective across every one of them, is another thing entirely.

Digitizing customer communications

And right now, missing the opportunity to ‘wow’ your customers is more of an issue than ever before, as our latest research, ‘Connect Like Humans Do: Building Customer Communications that Matter’ which surveyed over 6,000 consumers, found.

Nobody can afford for their customers to switch off, especially during this period of economic uncertainty. However, the opportunity is there for brands who listen and get it right. The same research found that almost a quarter (24%) of people say receiving messages on their preferred channel would boost their likelihood to engage with a business.

So, getting the channel right is important – there’s no doubt about that – but it’s not the only element that you need to consider.

Understanding customers to form effective communications

It is now up to businesses to understand their customers, and proactively react to their behavior. To do this, you must take a personalized approach across a variety of different channels based on people’s preferences.

This ‘personalization’ shouldn’t just be limited to channel – it should also determine the right content, timing, tone of voice, and message for every interaction. You need to know the key moments when your customers want or are happy to hear from you and then act on this.

We know that working out what’s relevant to your customers is a constant battle.

But it’s one that’s worth fighting as over half (51%) of people believe that communication has become more important than ever since the pandemic.

And, as we find the global situation evolving each day, with many countries and cities finding themselves heading closer towards another lockdown – or at least facing further restrictions – the transition to digitally-led communications will continue to gain momentum. Our research, combined with recent events, tells us businesses that are relevant, timely and make the effort to be personal – by understanding their customers, and reacting to their behavior proactively – are likely to see better engagement and purchase results in the long run.

To do this effectively means adopting an omnichannel approach to customer engagement to reach customers on their terms through one centralized hub.

Adopting an omnichannel communications approach

So how do you do that? We think we’ve got just the right solution. Our customer engagement hub Moments makes creating and managing omnichannel messaging campaigns simpler and more effective, allowing you to create engaging moments where you can understand, empathize, and proactively reach out to your customers. Why not give it a try?

And if you’re still wondering why you should switch to an omnichannel messaging approach, download our report and hear from your customers as to what they want.

Nov 17th, 2020
3 min read