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Give your Travel and Hospitality Customer Engagement a Boost in the New Normal

Give your Travel and Hospitality Customer Engagement a Boost in the New Normal

With the lockdown easing, the travel and hospitality industry need to gear up with a robust customer engagement plan to make a successful return to the new normal. It’s time to restart and rebuild

Travel and hospitality were one of the hardest hit sectors during the 2020 pandemic.

With the relaxation of rules, restaurants, hotels, and airlines have started to reopen. However, the road ahead isn’t  easy, considering they’ll need to reengage loyal customers as well as find new ones.

Uncertain times, like the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, call for empathy, relevance, and connection in all communications.

Travel and hospitality brands that communicate using the right frequency and channels enjoy higher consumer goodwill and foster customer loyalty . To help you achieve this, we’ve outlined best practices to help you keep customers engaged as you restart operations. 

How can you engage?

Stay top of mind

Inspire your customers – feed them with content that will make them want to take action when they feel a bit safer.

Travel brands can transport people virtually while grounded, while restaurants can give a taste of deliciousness. Stay top of mind by curating a personalized list based on your customers’ previously viewed items, as well as search and booking history.

Stay safe

As the good news of establishments slowly opening up is rolling in, it’s time to tell your customers how you plan to welcome them. Share the precautions you’re taking and present them with tailor-made offers they can’t resist.

Customer engagement in travel and hospitality

For travel, a focus on domestic tourism will favor those brands who kept in touch during lockdown, while keeping customers updated and inspired when it comes to international travel.

A centralized customer engagement hub is key for the travel and hospitality sector, which generates a big amount of data across multiple channels.

These include:

  • customer research
  • planning
  • price comparisons
  • actual bookings and reservations
  • itineraries
  • fare charts
  • enquiries
  • customer feedback

Unifying that data to create customer profiles can help you deliver more targeted services, better pricing strategies, and personalized travel experiences. 

Hotels, airlines, and restaurants with extensive loyalty programs will benefit from the data they have captured over the years and use them as opportunities to help disgruntled customers and proactively keep in touch.

Customer engagement in restaurants

Restaurants can take their customer engagement a level up by notifying customers about their new timings or how they’re making dining a safe experience, along with offering promotions to customers who opted for takeout’s during the lockdown period.

In fact, with bars and restaurants opening up post lockdown, Quick Response (QR) codes are becoming a key tool for the hospitality sector in the fight to survive. With restaurants and bars being forced to take down customer details, QR codes have become key in the contactless way to fulfil the track and trace element of reopening.

With QR codes:

  • Customers can scan a QR code to take them directly to the webpage to fill in their details for a smoother track and trace journey
  • QR code stickers on tables can enable access to restaurant menus and have meals brought to customers in a contactless manner

To get restaurants on the road to recovery, a segmented approach to re-activate engagement would enable personalized targeting.

  • Segment loyal customers and encourage them to return by sending them personalized messages with critical information: when your restaurants will be open and why they can be confident that it’s safe to come in.
  • Loyalty-driven price promotions and just-in-time offers featuring popular items or personalized favorites could help woo back customers who moved to competitors or started cooking at home.
  • To retain first-time customers who ordered takeaways, you could share personalized menus or offe

The way forward

While we are surfing though uncharted waters, omnichannel customer engagement with a touch of automation and personalization can be the unlikely hero to your recovery journey.

Remember to:

  • Announce you are open for business
  • Inspire and help guests to future plan
  • Inform them about precautions
  • Establish a sense of normalcy

Personalized messaging that keeps loyal and new customers informed of new normal policies while promoting special offers can build confidence and encourage customer loyalty.

A centralized customer engagement solution

Whether you’re restarting or rebuilding – to create an impact in a timely and cost-effective manner across digital platforms, and regain customer trust – it’s important to invest in an omnichannel customer engagement hub.

Moments not only helps you announce you’re open for business but thrive in the new normal.

Elevate your customer engagement strategy