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How Mobile Identity Can Improve the Mobile Shopping Experience

How Mobile Identity Can Improve the Mobile Shopping Experience

Find out how to deliver a seamless mobile shopping experience to your customers

This blog was last updated on 22 May 2020.

Is your eCommerce store or shopping app experiencing a discrepancy between the number of shoppers browsing online and those that buy something? You’re not alone according to Adobe Digital Insights. Their 2018 State of Retail showed that 50% to 60% of all retail website visits in 2018 were from mobile devices, while the revenue for the same was expected at only 27%.    

Why are purchases still lagging on mobile?

The reason behind it is obvious – buying on a mobile phone can often be frustrating, and various steps in the entire mobile shopping experience either take up a lot of time or raise concerns with shoppers. When looking at all the reasons why such a significant difference exists between the number of browsers and actual shoppers, the following especially stick out:  

1. Interruptive user experience

46% of people say they would not purchase if they had an interruptive mobile experience! Many things can create an interruptive experience on mobile such as pop-ups, full-screen ads, or slow load times. A lack of security measures will raise red flags with your shoppers, but excessive layers will also lengthen the shopping journey significantly and create unnecessary friction. You should avoid interrupting them with security pop-ups, extra authentication steps, and unnecessary forms. Every second counts in the mobile world.

2. Security concerns

Security is such a high concern among shoppers that you’ll see random articles pop up with advice for shoppers on how to increase their security while shopping, such as this one.

In fact, 1 in 5 shoppers say that the reason they decided not to buy was because they didn’t trust the site with their credit card information.

But, security is not a one-sided coin. It’s a concern that you need to address to keep your business safe, prevent various fraudulent activities, and verify your customers.   

Before today’s technology, chances are if you tried to provide the most secure journey for your shoppers while also protecting your business, you would have had bulky security. This would inevitably lead to an interruptive experience for your shoppers, resulting in a friction nightmare.  

3. Checkout abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of every retailer. We’ve even written a guide on how to tackle shopping cart abandonment using mobile messaging.

Worst of all is the mobile cart abandonment rate which is the highest one, with 85.65% of all transactions not ending with a sale! This is not a simple problem as multiple factors lead to such a high abandonment rate.

Chief among them is that all the issues consumers have when shopping on a desktop computer get even more frustrating when they’re visiting your store on a mobile phone – slow load times, non-optimized sites that are incredibly hard to navigate, and pop-ups that block the entire screen.

On a mobile phone, the registration and checkout processes take even more time to complete, and most people struggle. Name, Last Name, Address… it’s just too much information, and it takes up a lot of time just to type everything correctly. When you include the time for necessary authorizations – it is quite clear why sales are lagging on mobile! 

How to speed up the mobile purchase journey

As you most likely know, the web is packed with advice on how to address all of these. Have faster servers to reduce page load speed, simplify registration and form filling, offer security measures to assure your shoppers, and so on.  

Implementing all of these requires much time, effort, and focusing your energy and resources on several solutions to optimize your eCommerce business to be as efficient as possible.  

By now you must be wondering if there is a way where you can speed up the entire purchase journey while also getting the benefit of airtight security and improved customer onboarding

The answer is yes, with Mobile Identity.  

What is Mobile Identity?

Mobile Identity is a solution that uses several real-time identification and authorization services which streamlines the entire purchase journey, from the initial account creation all the way to the checkout and payment step – creating a frictionless shopping experience.  

In a nutshell, Mobile Identity processes data from Mobile Network Operators such as a customer’s:  

  • Mobile phone number (MSISDN)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address

This data is used to authenticate and identify users throughout their journey without any disruption to their mobile experience. It is continuously active in the background, protecting both you and your customers in real time while they’re shopping their phone – regardless of if they’re using your app or your website!

How can Mobile Identity improve the entire mobile shopping experience?

The various services within Mobile Identity come in handy during different steps of the journey.   

Silent Mobile Verification enables you to verify your users’ mobile phone number effortlessly in the background during the entire shopping experience, making sure that you’re dealing with the same user.

The time saved by using Mobile Identity is shortened from up to almost a minute (using other verification methods) to only a couple of seconds. The added benefit is that all of it is done in the background, making sure that your shoppers are really shopping and not being interrupted.

The Mobile Identity process takes less than 5 seconds:


The mobile shopping experience turning point

We’re at a turning point where your mobile shopping experience can make or break your business. It isn’t the shoppers that are lagging. It’s the retailers and eCommerce businesses that need to catch up with their audience and provide them with a radically improved user experience.   

Most optimizations, such as faster servers, will come nowhere near the benefits of implementing the Mobile Identity solution which provides your customers with significantly faster registration, login, and checkout. Getting these benefits, together with the superior security Mobile Identity provides, radically improves the shopping experience.

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